The Games That We Would Like to See In SNES Mini

Since the other day one of the biggest topics of conversation is the SNES Mini and especially its catalog. A total of 21 games compared to the 30 included in the Mini NES has provoked all sorts of opinions for and against the selection made by Nintendo. It’s enough? Is it perfect? Have too many important games been left out?

The truth is that it is very complicated to hit. At least it is undeniable that the selection is really very good because the 21 titles are some of the best that have originally gone through the Super Nintendo, but should they really have added more to the console? That is why we wanted to remember old time and name some of the games that will not be present in the SNES Mini and we would have liked to see also in it.

Where are beat’em up games?

Among the 783 video games published in Super Nintendo there are too many jewels that would have made us smile from ear to ear if they had been present in this miniature version of Brain the beast. In addition, it is one more test that demonstrates why this console is among the best that have ever existed.

Taking a look at the list of 21 games is surprising that not one of them is a beat’em up and is not precisely because there were few in Super Nintendo and above all very remarkable. ‘Final Fight’ was one of the titles that accompanied the console in its launch and of course we can not forget such emblematic characters as the Battletoads with ‘Battletoads in Battlemaniacs’ and ‘Battletoads & Double Dragon’, although its difficulty was Devilishly high.

And another that many of you, and an included server, has missed is ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time’, which is perhaps the best title carried by the Ninja Turtles and, like the ones ‘Battletoads’, would have taken a great advantage of the two controls that come along with the console with a great multiplayer mode.

At least we do have some action game in the SNES Mini, but more platform-oriented than anything else. It’s a shame that great classics like Super Bomberman, which had several sequels, has not been chosen, another great game to enjoy with a friend, as they did in the moment delivering shots with ‘Sunset Riders’ or the frenzied’ Super Smash TV ‘, which was also the first to reach Super Nintendo.

Other options

  • Batman Returns
  • Captain Commando
  • King of the Dragons
  • Knights of the Round
  • The Legend of the Mystical Ninja
  • Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Racing Games

‘Super Mario Kart’ and ‘Star Fox’ could not miss, are games too essential and mythical Nintendo catalog. In addition, the fact that we will finally be able to play for the first time to ‘Star Fox 2’ is without a doubt one of the best incentives to get us with the console.

Perhaps this genre, racing and shooters with ships could be covered, but, to name other great examples that would not have been bad to be included, we have ‘Stunt Race FX’, another of the titles that, along with ‘Star Fox ‘made use of the Super FX chip and presented us with nice vehicles with faces and the best thing is that it was for two players too.

As for side-scrolling gameplay, it’s inevitable not to mention the fun ‘Parodius’ with some final bosses and somewhat … quirky levels, while those looking for something more serious could decant for ‘Super R-Type’ Another saga that also had a great presence in the decade of the 90 and unfortunately today no longer has as much protagonism, hence perhaps its absence.

Other options

  • Biker Mice from Mars
  • Darius Twin
  • Gradius III
  • Pop’n TwinBee
  • A. Squadron
  • Unirally

The other rivals of Street Fighter II

With all the versions that had Street Fighter II in Super Nintendo was expected that at least one of them was present in the SNES Mini, hence it has been chosen for example to Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting. However, who does not remember other great sagas like ‘Art of Fighting’ or ‘Fatal Fury’? And let’s not say ‘Mortal Kombat’, although the selection seems more oriented to all audiences and the violence of the latter does not convince so much to Nintendo.

Another of the sagas that began its journey in a console of Nintendo, although nowadays belongs to Microsoft, was ‘Killer Instinct’, considered one of the best fighting games that went on sale in Super Nintendo, but the fact Of being in the hands of the Redmonds may be the reason that he has not been elected either.

On the other hand, ‘Dragon Ball’ also gave us the opportunity to play several of their deliveries, each one better than the previous, being one of the best 2D titles of the franchise we have seen.

Other options

  • ClayFighter
  • King of the Monsters
  • Street Fighter Alpha 2
  • Samurai Shodown
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters

The Golden Age of RPGs

Another reason why Super Nintendo is considered one of the best Nintendo consoles is because it has been one of the most RPG has received during its life. The vast majority of them are masterpieces that are still remembered today. All left an indelible mark with their stories or their playability to the point that, if we made a top 10, do not doubt that there would be more than one title of this kind in the list.

In fact, this is why the SNES Mini includes a total of five of them, among which stand out ‘EarthBound’ and ‘Super Mario RPG’ for being the first time they will be available in Europe. However, more than one has hurt us a little in the heart that games like ‘Chrono Trigger’, ‘Terranigma’ or ‘Illusion of Time’ have not had a gap. Come on, if instead of 21 had been 24 games with these last three, the console would have caused more interest than it has already achieved.

And if there are other titles that closely follow those already mentioned, they are ‘Secret of Evermore’ and ‘Breath of Fire II’, because personally I have to say that the sequel is quite superior to its first part. In addition, if with the ‘Final Fantasy’ has included the sixth of them, why could not have happened the same with the great saga of Capcom?

Other options

  • Breath of Fire
  • Lufia & the Fortress of Doom
  • Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals
  • Soulblazer

Sports and puzzles

Okay, yes, Kirby’s Dream Course is part of the selection of the 21 SNES Mini games and it’s golf, but it’s the only sports one that’s inside. With the good football titles that Super Nintendo left us, why not add ‘International Superstar Soccer’, ‘Mega Man Soccer’ or ‘Super Soccer’? On top of those two doubles to play doubles would have given hours of entertainment and pikes.

But it is that the puzzles games have happened the same as the beat’em up. Everyone, even the well-known ‘Lemmings’ or the nice trio of Vikings who starred in ‘The Lost Vikings’, which was also certainly for two people and was able to cause their good headaches to overcome all Their levels.

Other options

Krusty’s Super Fun House
Super Tennis

Disney and Warner Games

If you have tried to make a selection of games for all ages, why have not they added any Disney and Warner? The two animation companies, despite what it may seem, allowed us to play some titles that were not but not bad, with a great mention for ‘The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse’, which is probably Disney’s best game Of Super Nintendo.

And personally I have to stay with two others more than what made them so special was their hilarious multiplayer mode. In ‘Goof Troop’ Goofy and his son had to cooperate over several levels loaded with puzzles, while in ‘Tiny Toon Adventures: Wacky Sports’ they could compete up to four people in a multitude of minigames of all kinds.

Other options

Disney’s Aladdin
Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow
Mickey Mouse: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse
Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose

Platforms: the genre with which you have best

And we came to the main course along with the RPG. The platform genre is probably the one that has more titles behind them, hence eight of them are part of the catalog of the SNES Mini and in this sense it is necessary to recognize that it has been the one that has hit Nintendo.

That does not mean that there are other games that we would also have loved to see in the console, as can be the rest of deliveries of ‘Mega Man X’ or characters that made us spend great moments, such as’ Earthworm Jim ‘, cavemen’ Joe & Mac ‘or even the episodes IV, V and VI of’ Super Star Wars’.

Other options

The Addams Family
Castlevania: Dracula X
Cool spot
Demon’s Crest
Super Adventure Island
Prehistorik Man
Super Turrican

The other games of Nintendo

We could not finish without mentioning other great absences that have been on the part of the own Nintendo and that the majority that comprise of the SNES Mini have been developed by the own company nipona. Even so, it has been really strange that there has been no trace of either the great puzzle game ‘Tetris Attack’ or even ‘Pilotwings’, which even dedicated its own scenario to the last ‘Super Smash Bros’.

Also, it has been very rare the case of ‘Super Mario World’, since Nintendo published in Super Nintendo the compilation ‘Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World’. Would not it have been better idea to include this and offer four more games? Because above these remasters of NES titles were simply brilliant.

Other options

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest
Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble!
Kirby’s Dream Land 3
Mario Paint
Tetris & Dr. Mario

In short, the catalog of Super Nintendo is so loaded with games that we would need as four or five SNES Mini to get the most important. The 21 who have been chosen are more than enough to make it worth buying this miniature version of the Brain of the Beast, so you only have to cross your fingers for Nintendo to add the possibility of expanding its catalog in the future somehow. For asking not to be left.

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