This is How It Looks: Resident Evil in Mega Drive

The saga ‘Resident Evil’ has been accompanying us in the world of video games for more than 20 years. His first installment began on the first PlayStation, but what would the game have been like if it had gone on sale on Mega Drive? That is precisely what has wanted to imagine a group of Russian fans who call themselves PSCD.

So they have created a demo of an alleged version of the original Resident Evil for the well-known SEGA console with numerous changes, especially in its graphic aspect, as expected, opting for an isometric perspective for action, keeping the scenarios of the mansion where the game was going.

This demo looks more like an example of how it would be beyond being something that is meant to be played in depth, in which we can take control of Claire Redfield. At the moment you can walk through the corridors, tour the rooms, solve some puzzle not too complex and shoot us with a zombie that will not even attack us.

The work they have done is in a very early stage and it shows that there is still a lot to do, which does not mean that if you want to give it a chance you can download the demo of this ‘Resident Evil’ for Mega Drive in the following link.

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