Namco Museum Expands Namco Museum with Pac-Man Vs.

Namco’s timeless jewels will arrive at Switch through ‘Namco Museum’, the traditional compilation of recreational classics, a sure bet in which we will meet again with ‘Dig-Dug’, ‘Galaga’ or ‘Galaga’ 88 ‘among others. . However, the legendary Comecocos will make a difference on this occasion by adding one of his most curious adaptations: the ‘Pac-Man VS’.

Designed by Shigeru Miyamoto himself in 2003 for Gamecube, ‘Pac-Man VS’ allows us to face three other players through an asymmetric version of the game created by Toru Iwatani. One of the players will do Pac-Man while the other users will take control of the ghosts, with a limited field of vision.

‘Pac-Man VS’ took advantage of the connection system between Gameboy Advance and GameCube, was included in the ‘Namco Museum’ of Nintendo DS, although this version will be much more technically grateful. Of course, this time we will need two Nintendo Switch to play a game with four participants, one in which we will see the ghosts and another in which we will control the mascot of Namco.

Of course, ‘Pac-Man VS’ will not be the only incentive of this compilation: we will have the original ‘PAC-MAN’, the two classic renditions of Rolling Thunder, the bloody beat’em up ‘Splatterhouse’ or the mythical ‘Tank Force’ among others. A great selection of titles that will reach the Nintendo Switch from July 28th.

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