This is the Supa RetroN HD: Hyperkin, Will Compete Against the SNES Mini

Long before the fever of the Mini NES or the future Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Nintendo Classic Mini (SNES Mini for friends), we had third party consoles that allowed us to enjoy the classics of our childhood, both using the original cartridges themselves, Or emulators.

The Hyperkin house is one of the best known thanks to its RetroN series, which reached its zenith with RetroN 5, a console “five in one” that allowed us to dust our original cartridges of the mythical consoles of SEGA and Nintendo, and that It is not difficult to find at present for just over 150 euros. But of course, with the fever for the Mini SNES had to do something.

That’s why they recently introduced Supa RetroN HD, a console that will allow us to revive the Super Nintendo and / or Super Famicom classics in HD (720p) format using the original cartridges (their only handicap).

Because the reduced version of the Brain of the Beast comes, as we know, with 21 games preinstalled, whereas here we would need to keep the games of his time. Otherwise, we can not play since there will be no way to add them via USB; Which also happens with the Mini SNES, go.

At the moment not much more details are known, except that it will leave “soon” (will it do it before the official console of Nintendo?), That will come with two ports for controls, that will be fed by means of a port MicroUSB, that will be able to alternate Between the 16: 9 and 4: 3 formats, or that will have HD output and AV port.

The price, for now, is a mystery, but it should be less than the 80 euros of the Mini SNES, otherwise the chestnut that will be caught will be in order. Or not the same.

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