Windjammers Prepares To Return 23 Years Later With This Trailer

In the same way that Devolver Digital did this same afternoon with ‘Absolver’, DotEmu also wanted to publish the trailer trailer for ‘Windjammers’, the return of the classic title NeoGeo and recreational that was published more than 20 years ago and will be Available from tomorrow on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

Being a current version of such an old game, its managers have wanted to pay homage to the 90’s with a video in the form of a very old advertisement and the truth with a touch of humor too, everything is said in passing, in the Which you can see in step what will be its playability.

As we have indicated before, in this game of sports players will try to throw a disc with the greatest possible strength, even with powerful effects, to hit the wall as your opponent’s goal, just as there will be That stop the launches that the rival does.

What will make this version of the original different is that it will include an online multiplayer mode and a rank mode to compete against other people who have a level of skill similar to ours. Of course from tomorrow begin the pikes to see who is the best on the track.

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