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Road Redemption Review, the Road Rash We Sigh For 17 years

‘Road Rash’ was, along with the first ‘Need for Speed’, one of the standard bearers of politically incorrect driving. Not only were we out of breath, but we could bang ourselves and other motorcyclists who crossed our path. Everything was allowed! Road Redemption inherits that exact formula 17 years after the disappearance of the iconic […]

Gran Turismo Sport Review: Yamauchi’s Secret Weapon Is The Gaming Experience

Twenty years ago, Kazunori Yamauchi addressed the genre of driving with unprecedented ambition: that first ‘Grand Tour’ was a resounding blow to the table in the visual and playable, raising drastically the standard of what could be expected, not just the genre , but the hardware of the original PlayStation. An example of a handbook […]

Switch eShop Review: Improved Service But in Beta Phase That Does Not Convince

In Nintendo they are celebrating very strong during these weeks and not for less. The Switch phenomenon is striking us with such a virulence that those who sail somewhat expectantly for the creative future of the Japanese brand, we end up succumbing to the positivism with too much surrender. Kimishima, Miyamoto, Reggie and company have […]