Dragon Ball FighterZ Review: the Goku game I had dreamed about as a child

I do not remember the last time I got excited about the release of a new game by Goku, and according to all the expectation that ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ has created, I think I’m not the only one. After several days with the game, I see myself in the obligation to be one of the voices that erase your possible fears, but also call for calm.

‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ is not a round game, but the good is always much better than any snag we can put on it, and the ones it has are never closely related to the two great tricks that have fallen in love with the game so far: playability and visual spectacle.

A great game, whether your servers work or not

We have talked so much about the game that there are probably few things to say about it. Yes, we know that it looks great on the move and that it also convinces when we put ourselves at the controls. So far the only negative note that we could put is the online experience of the beta, a test that inevitably must be transferred to this analysis by the imposition of not being able to test the servers until the day of release.

I mean, the only thing I’ve seen in its online mode is what many of you have also tasted, servers that are far from working as they should and that, with some luck, will be more than fixed when the time comes for all we join his multiplayer.

The point is that, knowing that and at the risk of the first days of their multiplayer being a disaster, my opinion about ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ would not vary too much. Errors may come and go depending on the situation, but the essence of the game will remain the same, and their matches will remain just as fun.

Maybe the key to that decision is that I did not have to test myself against a random user to see how far the game is able to go, it was enough with the single player modes to check that the machine can also put me very difficult things. And by very difficult I mean to give me several beatings in which I had no idea where the guantazos came from.

The depth of Dragon Ball FighterZ

The history, practice, arcade and local modes have helped me to understand how the Arc System Works proposal works. A few days ago my partner Jarkendia sulked with the lack of options because of the chance to pass the experience, but my opinion differs a lot. It is not that he sees lack of reason in the idea of ​​being able to count on more mechanics, it is that the ones he offers are more than enough to unfold a spectacle without comparison.

And no, I’m not talking about automatic combos or special attacks that happen without a rhyme or reason, I speak of the need to stop the feet of an artificial intelligence that reads your movements with an amazing facility and, in consonance, forces you to be the least predictable and as tight as possible. A situation that, due to a more belligerent curve of difficulty than I expected, demands much more control and understanding than any gamer could wish for.

Hit, dodge, break the guard, throw the opponent, start a combo that will continue an assist and finish the arrival of another character. Play as ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ want you to play or you are dead. No hot cloths. Do you want an accessible game? You have it in practical mode or in history, and there with certain nuances. Do you want to get the most out of it and complete each of its challenges?

Mastering it is not a challenge because of the number of actions you have at your disposal, it is because what they end up giving each of them offers scenarios, situations and outcomes completely different to those you had foreseen during the first games. Getting to the level of the AI ​​is not an easy way, but reaching the challenge of placing yourself at your level is tremendously satisfying.

A story to forget

Knowing what works and being very aware of the magnificent aspect that he has shown in each of his presentation videos, what I was most afraid of was his story. With an original idea of ​​Toriyama, we will start chasing a new enemy, Android No. 21.

We will also, from a very different perspective to the usual, as a spirit that is linked with each of the characters to make them fight. That is, the players are one more character in the story, one that controls every blow and kick offered by Goku and company to kill the last monster that wants to annihilate the super warriors.

If any of you still did not know the data, it is normal that right now you are raising your eyebrow. Not only that, it is normal and accurate, because the story is a drama that leaves the driving school chapter in a very good position. Maybe in the end the three arcs that we have available will shed some light on such a mess, but you can be convinced that the story of ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ will not go down in the annals of the saga.

It is quite incomprehensible that, having worked in different special attacks that recall the most important moments of Dragon Ball Z, they decided to throw for an invention of malefic clones and spirits without a voice instead of giving form to a story mode that is based on the nostalgia of the fans.

Fight to bore

His story does not work for what he tells or how he does it, with several chapters that, by way of a board game, have you walking through different squares to cross with normal combats, combats with a tutorial, combats that allow you to unlock other characters, Special combats that deliver more experience and battles against the final boss of each zone.

About two and a half hours per stage, with three different available, that will have you begging to start the next fight sooner rather than later. Anything to start enjoying what the game knows how to do better and obviate those endless sequences and time losses between load screens. Wishing you to participate in the show that involves climbing to the third level of super warrior and roast with a Kame small Bu with an expansive wave that destroys half the city.

Fortunately, once you have completed the process (and unlocked to No. 21), you can dedicate yourself to it from the Arcade mode, an option that already from the beginning about its difficulty to the hardest matches in the story mode so you start to take seriously everything you’ve been learning during the last hours.

I am not ashamed to say that I have sweated blood with some encounters and, in fact, I think it is the best that could be said of the game and its useful life beyond the basics. It is grateful that fighting against experienced users is not the only option offered by ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ to enjoy it as it deserves.

The opinion of GamerInsiders

Despite the fact that ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ will never be remembered as the game that maintained the excellent level of the anime period it refers to, it will be one of its best fighting games. Today, and in the absence of in-depth testing of its online mode, it has everything a fan of Toriyama’s work could wish for.

It is true that, by asking, it would not have been bad to have more fighters or a greater variety of special attacks for those that are already available (where is my Dragon Fist?), But it is something that die-hard fans can solve with the pass of season (when it falls in price, it will) and a good margin for improvement in the face of a more than likely second delivery.

For many buts that someone wants to put, ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ is the game we’ve been waiting for years or, at least, the first stone in a way that seems very promising for those who grew up with Goku’s fights. With all the good and the bad that can be said of him, I can not think of any reason not to tell my self from the past not to worry, that in the end he will have a Dragon Ball game in his hands with a few matches to match of the series.

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Dragon Ball Fighterz
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Dragon Ball Fighterz





  • A visual spectacle
  • A good bag of hours of play between different modes
  • Accessible, but also a challenge for the most demanding


  • Some load times between battles should be alleviated
  • Some load times between battles should be alleviated

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