FIFA 18 Demo Review: This is What We Have Found

It is no coincidence that EA Sports has advanced the date of its demo three days: ‘PES 2018’ is already available and we are all interested in a real comparison between the gameplay of both sagas. Now, after the revolution of ‘FIFA 17’ comes the time to demonstrate that we will not be faced with a simple renewal of templates. Does this playable advancement of ‘FIFA 18’ get us out of doubt?

In Gamer Insiders we had already talked about the contents that would be included: 12 large caliber teams with a pair of great interest derbies, four stadiums that will seek to reflect the new environmental system of the game, and two modes available: fast match and a short ‘The Road: The Return of Hunter’. Now it’s time to go further and see if this new recipe improves, or at least if it has a different flavor.

From the outset, we must admit that we are facing a delivery whose main objective for users is not to revolutionize, but rather to perfect and improve what we saw in the previous season: we have already acclimated to the goodness of the Frostbite engine and the innovations in history mode are not reflected at play time but on plot issues. However, this demo shows that there was room for positive surprises.

Beyond the licenses and the star-system

It may be that having all the clubs, equipment and shields of the Santander League is a huge plus plus, and there is no denying that having a Cristiano Ronaldo who is winning everything on the cover is a particularly interesting claim, but for now some deliveries that sustain the saga of EA football are not logos, but a gaming experience.

In fact, one of the first things we checked – beyond the statistics of the ball stars themselves – is if this 8GB snack on Xbox and 7GB on PS4 had the signings in order. And yes, Neymar Jr. is already perfectly integrated in the PSG. EA Sports has not taken a stitch without wire and has released its demo with next season in mind, but without sparing in news.

In fact, in this Fifa 18 demo review we will see some playable experiments that have caught us a little by surprise and if they do not serve to increase the number of copies sold, will make us want to play more games in a row. At the beginning, when it comes to managing our team, we are now committed to a system of quick replacements. How was this option not available before?

Fast substitution is as simple as setting the three changes you will make during the match before going on the field. Thus, if you want to remove Isco or Fernando Torres without having to consume a pause or interrupt the game, it is enough to leave these changes programmed by adjusting the position and the player that will leave, and in the first situation in which the change can be made we will be asked if we want to perform the action.

There are mechanics that come back from ‘FIFA 17’ and have been somewhat more tuned: the shots stopped, at least with the teams we have been able to prove them are much lighter in the matter of execution, and when it comes to centering we will see interesting actions that give it new dimensions beyond doing the traditional air pass, allowing us to even make certain effects from the band itself.

Collisions and dribbling gain prominence … and weight

Of course, it is also true that the pace of the game itself has been adjusted by taking away some speed points to give greater prominence to collisions and dribbles. And is that unlike other alternatives in FIFA 18 demo review will not be enough to move until you find the moment: we will have to know how to move the ball and dodge those in front of us.

The change to the Frostbite engine is not only a technical whim, and if the previous delivery opened the possibility of offering new effects and physical that defined the new experience, ‘FIFA 18’ bets to raise the bar: now is not enough to cross with the rival, there are new resources to make entries without committing fouls, exert pressure pushing the opponent and perform maneuvers without having to pass the ball. And that is what distinguishes the user who is willing to invest hundreds of hours and want to measure their real skills against other users.

Unfortunately, there are no multiplayer options online, so our experience is based on the local game against other users and the CPU itself. Of course, we can choose the difficulty of this, but not the time of each game: each time will last 4 minutes.

On the other hand, the shots and the own animations of the players have also been fine tuned, giving a feeling of more naturalness through small details like the gestures of the players (and coaches) a physical in the shirts that – luckily – little or have nothing to do with the views on ‘NBA Live 18’ and more credible facial expressions. Something that looks especially good when, like the previous delivery, two rival teams are on the screen of selection of clubs.

Fifa 18 demo review: A spectacular technical section

While the Frostbite engine achieved some amazing results in the previous installment, in this we can see even more blurring the barrier between digital players and their counterpoints of flesh and blood: extremely detailed textures, recreated fields with pampering – especially in the evening games – and even the way the hair, sweat or folds of the equipment subtly elevate what is seen in ‘FIFA 17’.

Moreover, EA takes advantage to boast of the finish of their players in the scenes prior to the game, in which the players will make a curious entry in the style of the views on television. Unfortunately, this Fifa 18 demo review only has comments in English.

In fact, one of the great promises of this delivery is the way to offer a credible atmosphere in the stands, and – at least, in the four stadiums available – EA Sports has succeeded in transmitting it: beyond the chants we will see a superbly defined public that reacts in a real way to our actions, with shirts, banners and banners that will vary according to the equipment that is on the grass, and – although we will see some spectators repeated – the work that the equipment has elaborated in this point does not go unnoticed .

Now, EA has been able to amortize these technical possibilities with the continuation of ‘The Way’. The story of Alex Hunter continues and in the Demo makes clear his intentions: after conquering the Premier is time to make the leap to the international leagues and his representative has put several really greedy attempts. But Alex’s responsibilities to his club have not yet ended and the next game can be decisive for the transfer.

As seen in the more than limited advancement of ‘The Road: The Return of Hunter’, we will see few innovations in the playable: we will continue to have the option to choose if we prefer to play with the whole team or only with Alex, there will be specific goals before to go out on the field and we can choose between three ways to approach our personal and professional relationships. However, in the final version we will have some extra additions such as being able to play with other players and even personalize our protagonist.

Fifa 18 demo review Conclusion

A very interesting cover letter, but the real match starts in ten days

Obviously, we will have to wait until September 29 to address the most interesting (and addictive) elements such as the online gaming experience and an ‘Ultimate Team’ that now adds to the great football legends that ceases to be an exclusivity of Microsoft to do its appearance on all systems, including the version of Switch.

If EA Sports’s intention was to cushion the two weeks of margin with respect to the launch of ‘PES 2018’ it can be said that this Demo fulfills its function, accentuating the playable differences between each proposal and drawing muscle with respect to its novelties playable and technical power.

What we have seen so far gives us the impression that FIFA 18 demo review does not aim to be as revolutionary and transgressive as last year’s release, but makes clear that EA continues to fine tune its playability. At least enough so that the user gets the impression that he is facing a complete experience and not updated templates and a huge number of licenses and a new chapter in the life of Alex Hunter.

Electronic Arts has shown its cards, or at least most of them: this FIFA 18 demo review is just a warm-up match against the version we will see later in the month on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PC and Nintendo Switch, not forgetting that in just over a week there will be 10 hours of early access on Xbox One and PC for all subscribers to EA’s Access services.

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