Lego Worlds Review For Nintendo Switch: It’s Lever Late if The Chip is Good

There was a time where my friends split into Lego fans on one side and Playmobil fans on the other. I, like almost everything, I kept on the middle applauding the patochadas. That war of marks seemed to me an idiot, but the truth is that, although it enjoyed the solid fantasy of Playmobil, the creation spirit of Lego was incomparable.

Gone are the 90’s and those disputes will remain forever. Lego has endured the fight wisely. And while the pieces to assemble is going from the child with imagination to the collector with the swollen portfolio, in the world of video game the fan of players can not be wider.

TT Games gave the humorous key and marked a before and after when it comes to bringing toys to the consoles. The universe ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Indiana Jones’, the saga ‘Star Wars’, ‘Jurassic World’, the brilliance of ‘Undercover City’. Profiles have been for all tastes, but none came close to the essence of their interconnected plastic blocks: to make reality the worlds you wanted.

Since VidaExtra touches the squad and the bevel to build the analysis with pieces of nostalgia and demand Will our and money? I’m very afraid that this pseudo-portable version has all the win.

Welcome to the Lego Galaxy

Six months later its launch on PS4, XBOX One and PC, lands the new bet of TT Games for Nintendo Switch. An adventure of procedural exploration and infinite imagination that comes to underline letter to letter the creative philosophy of the Lego brand. And is that, as the years pass, that of building what you want as you want is too appetizing to let it escape.

In Lego Worlds our main goal will be to become master builders. To do this, and through the discovery of new randomly created planets, we will complete small missions with its inhabitants ranging from finding a sword to a king, freeing the population of a zombie invasion or making a herd of rats rain, tower for a pirate captain or decorate a tree house.

Everything is possible in this galaxy where our ship will necessarily land, and whose repair and improvement depends exclusively on the use of golden blocks: pieces, which in addition to enhancing our space vehicle (being able to fly to larger planets), will mark our level as a builder / explorer . The more gold pieces found, the better creators. Easy, short and at the foot.

Giving with these precious fragments will be what guides us through your universe in adventure mode. From planet to planet and from inhabitant to inhabitant. Here it all comes down to covering the needs of others to get construction tools that allow us to build to our liking. Just like when we were kids, the feeling that pieces are missing is going to be continuous, so you’d better explore all the contents of the box.

Characters of traca, vehicles, buildings, enormous creatures, caves, forests. In this galaxy the limit you mark it and from there part its unique magic. Any of the imaginative worlds can be modified block by block (something that is more comfortable than it seems) or with a single click using structures prefabricated or copied from other worlds. Here’s the big creative difference with ‘Minecraft’.

‘Lego Worlds’ offers all the ingredients to make our architectural dreams come true. An amalgam of pieces, molds, special weapons, treasures and worlds to discover that will make us melt the hours as in the counterpart signed by Mojang.

To infinity and beyond

Quiet, that not everything in this adventure comes down to exploration and discovery. If we are willing to give vent to our imagination we will have available the whole collection of objects in the isolated mode. What comes to mean the “no hurry” of Lego.

Here we parked the search for golden blocks to build the craziest worlds we have in mind. A samurai temple with walls of fire? I like it. A hungry ogre at the end of the labyrinth? It looks good. And how about a city full of skyscrapers, shops or football fields? I buy the whole pack, thank you.

As creative creators our role will be no other than let the imagination fly freely without the need to resort to tutorials. Intuition, originality and talent. And if we also add the local multiplayer better than better. Essential romantic scene “give life to your new home” with your wife playing next door and insufferable disputes for decoration.

Yes, ‘Lego Worlds’ invites us to stay hooked to your proposal wherever we go. And is that in addition to being a portable complement the sea of ​​appetizing, keeping abreast of updates is another of the key points of a franchise that has been able to take advantage of collaborations like no other.

From Lego Nexo Nights, City Emergency or the Classic Space Pack (free for those who have the physical game and € 3.99 for digital version users), the title continues to demonstrate the infinity of its proposal. Okay, maybe after 5 hours joining blocks the thing is painful, but the good time (or the trip in time to the childhood) does not take it nobody to him.

Let’s hope that other franchises with Lego signature decide to join the adventure. Imagine how tremendous it was to build the Death Star, the Millennium Falcon, or the Tatooine desert piece by piece. Imagine decorating the corridors of Hogwarts with images of Iron Man … Too nice to be true, you’re right, but with these people you never know.

Super fun and addictive

That six months later decide to launch Nintendo Switch can be understood from the commercial point of view: everything that smells the hybrid nintendero is running smoothly. However, from the playable point of view doing it in portable mode goes a step further.

Despite the accusations of technical failures since its sale, the fact is that enjoying ‘Lego Worlds’ in the subway, the bus or the return trip of the holidays is one of the most pleasant sensations to face in the dreaded return to school.

Yes, the background drawing is a drama that blurs the experience and no matter how much they insist on an update coming out of the oven they miss too many frames at certain moments of the title. But what do you want me to say, the essence of this port lies in its portable appearance and that, for someone who has grown up with the Game Boy in his pocket, is a luxury at the price that comes out.

Of course, forget about sharing Joy-Con in the local multiplayer. Unless you have two pairs, it will not let you form a tandem builder. A pity, because to allow its use without needing another command we would be talking about a vital game to burn time wherever your obligations send you.

The opinion of GamerInsiders

With such ingredients it was very difficult to fail half a year later. ‘Lego Worlds’ works by offering everything good from a stamp designed to shape our overflowing imagination, and despite suffering a great goal with which to feel rewarded, the sense of freedom and infinite discovery deserves much of our time.

As much as it takes to admit it, the TT Games work comes late to Nintendo Switch, but better so let one of the most ambitious universes of the console escape. It may be that in their eagerness to wear what is seen on other platforms the technical capacities resent more than they should, as it can also that the (much needed) update definitely skips the uncomfortable chips that are suffered in portable mode. It will touch hope with positivism.

Be that as it may, the sensations are especially good and that to take your worlds where you want is really appetizing to let it escape for less than $ 30. There is much to discover, destroy and shape in this galaxy where you mark the limits and where nostalgia plays a fundamental role. However, and after all the enjoyment of the brand creationist spirit of the house, almost all of the entertainment / fun depends on the player.

There are missions with substance, diversity of secondary objectives and some depth when connecting with other inhabitants, and unless you are eager to explore, the experience is repetitive after the dozen hours. Unfortunately we are not facing the best game of the saga, so the ideal is to face your proposal with the desire to discover and explore, because beyond there is nothing of interest.

In short, ‘Lego Worlds’ is the sandbox that fans of the franchise have been waiting for years: bold, infinite, global and timeless. The reimagining of the phenomenon ‘Minecraft’ is much more than a ‘build your house piece by piece’, is the precious walk through a universe that, still needing a facelift too obvious, lives for and for us.

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