Little Nightmares Review for PS4, Xbox and PC

Nightmares happen in the dark for a reason

Can you remember the nightmares you had when you were little, at the age of six, for example? On many occasions the fears of childhood reached us during the dark and long night, something that still happens sometimes. These projections were often triggered by the reflection of the adult world filtered from the eyes of a child, an unfamiliar and oversized perspective that exerts a powerful influence when you are still exploring and discovering. The world of the elderly and the particular environment of each infant can be exciting and fun, but becoming grotesque and extravagant can also.

“Play and face the fears of your childhood” The catchy phrase that addresses you Little Nightmares, the new video game of Tarsier Studios published Bandai Namco. The nightmares and the fears of each are something very personal but the creators of this title pretend to make us reconnect with our inner child through an adventure that shapes a worrisome and haunting world where some of the most classic fears of our childhood , As for example the fear inherent in the dark, a constant during the game along with another great classic; The feeling of feeling small and unprotected in front of a greater threat than we and of which we fled.

In the role of Six, a girl in a striking yellow raincoat, we will have to overcome a dark adventure whose gameplay is supported by three well-defined pillars: platforms, puzzles and some always grateful moments of secrecy. Apart from the mechanics also play a key role scenarios, oversized from the perspective of Six, whose appearance and size always contrasts on screen against the grotesque design of threatening enemies and lighting levels, where the use of shadows results great.

Armed with only her wit and a lighter, our protagonist must always avoid the terrible threat she finds in each level, relying on your ability to give her the corner and the scarce resources available, because the minimum error is fatal. Little Nightmares is that kind of game that saves introductions and tutorials, yielding the weight of language and explanation to environments and sound, where solution and teaching are often found.

Through a macabre world we have to find the strength through our own weaknesses in order to survive, we basically have to go unnoticed and flee in haste when it touches, something that happens quite often. When we are not fleeing something frightening, we are focused on sneaking through a dark hallway or making watermarks to reach a point on the stage.

The idea is to advance always, to find the solution to a puzzle that prevents us from leaving a room or situation while lighting with the light of our lighter to find a possible solution. Meanwhile, the omnipresent sensation that something bad is going to happen creates a constant tension on the player, especially in some key moments of the platform and during the flight, where a slight defect of precision appears, some inertia in the control of Six, detail that curiously almost always contributes to that we are more perfectionists if it fits in our jumps or races.


Little Nightmares may seem another of those “cuckoo” -looking video games with an adorable protagonist, and in fact it is, but it seeks to frighten us and trigger moments of tension with a style closer to PlayDead works, just as disturbing and dark but Not so minimalistic in appearance and color. It is an adventure of just 4 hours in which the three key aspects of its gameplay are constantly crossed, combining a good design of levels, an exemplary use of sound and a protagonist with which you quickly connect. It could take a little longer and it is true that the puzzles end up giving way to a more dizzying pace but this game is really a race, a flight to escape the nightmare while it makes us reflect on something as deep as the loss of innocence.

Little Nightmares





  • Technically it is a delight.
  • Terrifying and fascinating atmosphere.
  • Good mix of genres.


  • Pretty short.
  • The absence of tutorial could mislead.
  • Mechanics with hardly any changes.

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  1. I just played it and it’s short 4 to 5 hrs, but very good, the atmosphere, the characters. The story is not very clear and I think that would be the only complaint.

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