Nintendo Online App Review

With Switch at the edge of 5 million units sold and with a stock shortage so big that it would well deserve a re-order in September, Nintendo’s new mobile application after ‘Miitomo’, ‘Super Mario Run’ and ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ Is definitely in the memory of our smartphone to try to convince us of its few virtues.

‘Nintendo Switch Online App’, as they have christened the service for IOS and Android, gives us the possibility to delve into the games that use the tool (details, statistics, updates, ..) and, above all, establish voice conversations With our friends taking advantage of the launch of ‘Splatoon 2’; The long awaited shooter that is conquering the summer on its own merits.

From the Japanese company have decided to address the controversial voice chat that they have so hard to implement and that has been needed in titles where the online environment was a fundamental part. Uncomfortable rules, even more uncomfortable boundaries and extremely obvious shortcomings are just some of the ingredients of a maremágnum that (doing good cop) marks the way forward, but which in turn needs urgent reforms not to become the worst Face of the Nintendo Switch phenomenon.
How does the invention work?

To make use of the application we will have to download the file from the Store or Google Play (free of charge) and have the game to take advantage of the benefits of the App. So far so good, although it is worth remembering that this climate so accessible will be seen Affected from next year with the controversial subscription of payment.

Once installed, it will allow us to access SplatNet 2, the Nintendo Switch Online App exclusively dedicated to ‘Splatoon 2’ with which we will be able to review our battle history, inform us of the active levels, what is to come and attention With this, order appetizing additions thanks to the store function.

In addition to expanding the Splatoonian universe away from the margins of the console, this platform designed to access services in its ink will be responsible for reviving the expected voice chat while playing online games. Because no, if there is no game in between we will not be able to contact anyone.

Through an invitation launched from Online Lounge mode of ‘Splatoon 2’ and after receiving the notification in our Smartphone will be given free way to connect with friends of Switch and invite other contacts from Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp so that it Join our private party.

Few steps and ready to serve. Let’s see how it has come from the menu, but I’m afraid that, as with the Nintendo Switch eShop, this complexity-based communication tool will not be long in its beta phase.
The shortcomings are too obvious

A priori Nintendo’s online proposal may sound more appealing than it actually is. Given the background of voices so empty and unexploited in terms of voice communication, the follower nintendero longed for solutions (real) from the house and after analyzing their bugs, the thing can not be more pessimistic.

Let’s go in parts, that thing has its crumb. It is better for us to have a plug near if we do not want to see how the battery of our mobile is exhausted at the speed of the Blue Falcon. And strange as it may seem, we will not be able to block the screen while we are in a conversation. So attentive, that if by means of scruple or custom you decide to block the device you will stop listening to your friends.

I find it hard to believe that Nintendo skips aspects as simplistic as having the screen off in full game. Always at the top of the design and comfort, that of having such a number of cables surrounding us and limiting us (without counting the headphones of Splatoon – more wood to the fire) is so little Made in Nintendo that will be of the first thing to be updated. You will see.

As if that were not enough, and in line with the limitations so demanding, we will not be able to enjoy the app in the background. So forget to respond to messages, take an eye on Instagram, find the love of your lives in Tinder or read VidaExtra between game and game. As in the case of the screen lock, we will appear absent in the room and we will not be able to interact with our companions unless we have the application starring our mobile. Priorities nintenderas, what else?

At the moment all this is reminiscent of what YouTube has been doing since it decided to land on smartphones. Yes, we can not do anything there either while enjoying some gameplay or listen to the latest album by Laura Pausini, but of course, this is a video platform supported by advertising and this is a communication tool launched to cover the shortcomings of a console. Something is failing.

This hermetism so incomprehensible that has sent me a good handful of suggestions through the feedback tab (thanks for facilitating the anger, Nintendo) sees its paradigm when adding friends to the game. Imagine the most complicated form and you will agree: neither you can add friends from the game itself (this function goes to the smart device) and you can not create chat rooms from the mobile (this is the game).
The first step of a long way

In fact, such a presentation not only leaves you cold and surprised, but also enhances the defunct Wii U proposal. Yes, the Gamepad (with built-in micro) was much more flexible and invited more sociability within Of the landmarks of titles like ‘Mario Kart 8‘ or ‘Super Smash Bros’. We could create private rooms and chat with our friends, but only between games, were not that the servers decided to go on vacation in the middle of a career.

What is clear after the experience with the App is that there are better alternatives to replace the lack of chat on Nintendo Switch and the lack of entry for micro in the grip / command pro. We’ve been using Discord, TeamSpeak, Raidcall or Skype to connect friends in the Nintendo universe, and a lot has to change the situation to go back to the Nintendo Online App.

SplatNet 2 may be the only salvageable. Even with the lack of polish, improvements and new functions that tie us for hours to their abilities, fancy for the one who, like me, considered himself a fan of the most revolutionary shooter of recent years or for those who do not want to leave Cromopolis when Switch battery decides to take a nap.

Beyond the inkling environment, the application neither invites communication, nor will we have to wait long to see an update. Something tells me that Nintendo is assimilating the feedback with guarantees, that reasons are not lacking, of course.

Let us be positivists and trust in the power of improvement. And if on the contrary everything stays in stand by, we endure with philosophy the lack of solutions. We will always have free calls.

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