Resident Evil 7 Review for Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Finally the awaited installment of Capcom’s acclaimed survival horror saga is here, and we’ll tell you all about it in our exhaustive review of Resident Evil 7 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

More than 20 years ago that Capcom launched the first installment of what would end up being one of the most important sagas in the world of video games. And not for less, that first Resident Evil was the birth of a new genre as it is the ‘survival horror’. Many franchises followed in their footsteps, but none could ever match the quality and success of the Japanese studio. The successive deliveries continued betting by that playable formula and capturing the interest of each time a greater number of players, to the point that each new title accumulated millionaire sales.

Its creators wanted to give a twist to the series in the last generation of consoles, betting to introduce greater elements of action, but never abandoning the roots that had made so important to the saga. As usual with any change, there were players who resisted these new mechanics and criticized to some extent this turn. In the end, each of us have our point of view on how a product should be or not, but what nobody can deny is that these last titles were still great games, with huge production values ​​and all the great quality that characterizes To the franchise.

But since Capcom they were clear that they also wanted to please their most loyal followers and that is why they also left us two great, unnumbered titles: Resident Evil: Revelations 1 and 2. Both titles maintained a much closer approach to deliveries Classic However, in the last edition of E3, Capcom surprised everyone with the announcement of the seventh installment of his acclaimed saga. Its creator, Shinji Mikami, and all his team promised that this new main delivery would return totally to the style of the first titles, but at the same time under a new approach that allowed to live a terrifying experience. The first video and playable demonstration already left us sitting that were not mere promises, but actually returned to the roots of the franchise, but at the same time, innovating with a first-person perspective that enhances the feeling of being inside An adventure of terror. And all this with a striking technical and visual section, with an extremely careful atmosphere that will transmit a continuous sensation of fear, claustrophobia and tension continues.

In-depth analysis of Resident Evil 7

Now that we have finally been able to prove the final game, we can not but thank this firm commitment to return to the origins, but without this supposing to offer the same thing that we have known for a long time. That is, it gives us a lesson on how to recover the classic style but to the same type to revolutionize the genre once again thanks to a perspective already seen in other titles of the genre, but this time is better than ever to live a Immense adventure, shocking and immersive as few.

Much has been debated in recent months about how this new first-person perspective on the saga would sit on whether it would really fit into the classic style we were promised. Well, the final result can not be more positive, since this new approach allows us to feel really in the skin of the protagonist, all the fear, tension and uncertainty that will live throughout the entire campaign.

They return the same sensations that we lived in the first titles of the saga, but this time everything is enhanced to the nth power thanks to this new perspective and, also, the incredible audiovisual section of the game. But in fact there are such recognizable elements as the scarcity of ammunition, the reduced space of the inventory, the resolution of puzzles, the complex design of levels that will force us to find numerous keys to open closed doors, the final enemies, the Tension continues, safe areas, details that go unnoticed if we are not attentive, safe areas or trunks, among many other mechanics.

We have been very happy to see how Capcom have been able to recover all those elements that we like most all followers, allowing this new delivery transmit feelings very similar to those first titles. But best of all is that Resident Evil 7 will quickly accommodate both lifelong gamers and those who are now incorporated into the series, both groups will be enthusiastic about this magnificent ‘survival’.

Another element that would have to stand out and more considering the genre in question is the oppressive, shocking and terrifying atmosphere of the game, with a design, especially the main stage of the game, outstanding, probably the best we have seen in title Of any terror. Scenarios that will have us at all times with the heart in a fist, transmitting a feeling of constant tension throughout the campaign. In a few moments we can be calm, sure that nothing can happen to us – in fact, except in the storage rooms, the game always keeps us in suspense.

Another fundamental element in which it has been completely successful is in relation to a history, which breaks quite a bit – at least at first, because we will discover that there are enough links of union with other deliveries – with the events that we have known previously . The plot has enchanted us so much by its bet risks as by presenting new characters, scenarios and enemies that bring a breath of fresh air to the series. The story moves away from previous scenarios and takes us to a rural environment of deep America, in the present time. The plot puts us in the shoes of Ethan Winters, who will move to a lost area of ​​Louisiana to try to find his beloved wife Mia, whom he had already considered dead when he disappeared three years ago. However, a mysterious message that our protagonist will receive will make you suspect that you are really alive and something terrible happened in that place. A starting point of the most interesting that little by little will only generate more interest in the player, who will try to find answers to all the mysteries that holds this inhospitable place.

Very soon we will realize that this site contains inside all kinds of dangers that are going to threaten our life and mission in numerous occasions. We do not want to offer you any details about the story in order not to gut anything, since another of the strong points of the adventure is its shocking plot. But as you know if you have seen a video, the main stage of the game places us in a swamp that will take us to a hut owned by the Baker family, a place that will give us goosebumps even before entering the sinister mansion of A somewhat abrupt form. This dark home and its surroundings make up the most important stage of the game, although later we will visit other locations. We would like to emphasize the great success that has meant this election, since it marries perfectly with this more oppressive and terrifying approach that has been wanted to give to the game. The labyrinthine design, the secrets inside it, the numerous threats and dangers that will pose us and how great is conceived is key to understand the high level that will keep the adventure at all times.

Inside they inhabit the Baker, a terrifying family that play the role of antagonists of the adventure. They will not be our only enemies but they will be the hardest and most dangerous, as they will be happy to play cat and mouse with us throughout the house and surrounding areas. Very much in the style of the famous Nemesis, these characters will persecute us to try to finish us, which will force us to be with a thousand eyes at all times, very aware of their movements, but also of all the nearby sounds to try to hide from them whenever Possible or flee if they have detected us at some time, always taking into account that they are knowledgeable of all instances, while we in many cases will go very well without knowing that we are waiting behind the next door. The exploration plays a fundamental role and, in this point, also explains to a great extent the choice by the first person, since it is key to try to go unnoticed, to hide and to take advantage of any decorative element like can be a piece of furniture. It allows a much more fluid movement, something that is key when it comes to escape from such fearsome enemies. In fact, as we try to discover Mia’s whereabouts, we solve mysteries and discover new details of the horrifying crimes that enclose the walls of this sinister mansion, we must worry about struggling to survive and to come out safe, this being also our great goal .

A fearsome place by which both Jack, the family’s father, and his wife Marguerite and their son Lucas, as well as some other mysterious member that we know later, move like a fish in the water. Nor will they miss the presence of numerous fearsome creatures that will put us in serious trouble. But, without a doubt, the best confrontations will be those that await us with the Baker. Each one of them has its own characteristics, as well as weak points that we will have to study. These moments will be brilliant and will force us not only to use all the weapons we have, but also make use of the scenarios in many occasions to get game. These clashes, in addition to some more that we will not give you more information to not eliminate a surprise factor, have left us a great taste, reminding us of those we had in the first installments of the saga.

As we have pointed out before, the mechanics are so in demand as the need to manage our weapons and ammunition very well, since they are scarce enough, as well as exploring to the last corner of the map to try to find more supplies. In short, signs of identity of the saga that return with more force than ever and that end up conform a cocktail perfect for all lovers of the genre. The game is even more violent and gore than in previous occasions, the terror is greatly boosted by the perspective in first person, the overwhelming environment and some main enemies that will put us in serious difficulties in numerous occasions during hours. In the meantime, we must explore its labyrinthine scenarios, while solving puzzles, escaping its many hazards, exploring hand in hand and taking advantage of the scarce resources we have at our disposal. Stealth now also plays a big role in development, so in many cases the most advisable thing is to go unnoticed, or at least try. A survival horror style, but also renews its proposal with a revolutionary point of view and some mechanics much more current that favor the whole, by eliminating the roughness of those first titles two decades ago.

After the turn to the action of the last titles, now the classic style is recovered but not in any way, but to the great thing, with a very successful revolution in some of its approaches, that, undoubtedly, suppose a great point Starting for the successive deliveries of the saga that saw the birth of the genre. And it is that we are facing a survival horror with all the letters, which comes to settle again as the only authentic king, that in which not only successive installments but any other franchise should be fixed. Capcom has hit the nail, achieving a great balance between classicism and modernity, between playable elements that should always be maintained in the genre, but also new proposals and mechanics that enrich the genre.

The first person perspective has enchanted us, it immerses us even more if it fits in the oppressive and terrifying atmosphere of this adventure, with special mention for the incredible version for Sony’s virtual reality glasses, which will make us feel scared like we would never have experienced. A terrifying experience that every player should experience, as it demonstrates the enormous potential of virtual reality for this genre. Of course, the game is equally shocking even if we play in any of its normal editions.

In Ethan’s skin (although he will not be the only character we will handle …) we will live a terrifying adventure, with many shocking moments that were recorded in our retina. This return to the beginning is accompanied by a campaign of a very generous duration taking into account the gender that is. To give you an idea, it has taken us 14 hours to complete the main story, but this figure grows if we want to have all the secrets, like a series of videotapes that we will find and that will allow us to know better the facts that Have happened in that terrible place. Even more interesting is the fact that many of these tapes will be playable, a very original approach, since it will be us who will live in first person those facts that we are told. Even some of them will give us clues to solve later puzzles or situations that we will live. Our best advice is to always keep a great deal of attention, since any detail can be key, whether that decorative element that seems suspicious, that image that wants to show us something or the scenarios that are plagued with secrets.

And is that the design of the levels is superb, always encouraging the player to explore all the rooms. In fact, beyond the family that will make our lives impossible, we could say that the main house is another protagonist of the game, facing us many challenges that we must overcome. In addition, from a visual point, the title is at an outstanding level at all times, but not only the main house, but the other scenarios (also outside) that we visit. The game maintains a great balance between paused moments in which we will have to solve puzles, to find keys or to find out the operation of certain mechanisms, with the tense situations in which we must flee or face enemies.

Although we can select different levels of difficulty, the game maintains a very successful level, so it will not be at all strange that our character dies, but never without becoming desperate. In fact, the great design of the adventure causes the player to learn how to solve one or another situation, so it is also rewarded that the player use the wits to find other options. The game also recovers the backtracking, that is, the need to return to previous zones in many occasions to try to open that particular door that prevented us from passing but that a key or the resolution of a puzzle allows us to open it.

It will be essential to make use of the herbs and other objects that allow us to recover health, as well as the limited ammunition that we will find, as well as an inventory with a very small space (although we can later increase its capacity). That is why we also recover the importance of storing objects in the cabinets that we will find in some rooms, the same ones in which we can save on audio recorders that replace the classic machines and ribbons.

To emphasize that, fortunately, the new perspective favors the control of our character, something fundamental when we find ourselves fleeing from an enemy that wants to finish us, or at the time of aiming, that now is much more rewarding. The use of melee weapons is also greatly favored by this new approach.

In short, Resident Evil 7 is the return of one of the most prestigious sagas in the world of videogames, and it does so with a new delivery that bets clearly on the return to the longed-for origins, but does not mean giving up Introduce novelties, the most obvious being the change of perspective regarding the first titles. First-person development enhances the feeling of overwhelm, terror and adventure. As if that were not enough, the plot is extremely interesting and will hook us from the beginning, thanks also to another of the best points of this delivery: the Baker family. The result is a round game that will delight lovers of the survival horror genre and anyone looking for an adventure of immense quality. We are facing one of the essential titles of this newly released 2017, a masterpiece of the genre that, in our opinion, even surpasses the best deliveries of the saga.

Conclusion of Resident Evil 7

Capcom has recovered one of its best sagas, the creator of a genre, and does it in the best possible way: recovering all those mechanics fans longed for, but not limited to a mere update without news, as it revolutionizes the series with a New first person approach. This was the great fear of many players, but finally all doubts have been dissipated to see that this new perspective feels like the glove to a game that wants to transmit terror and constant tension. From the first minute we will realize that this is a superb adventure that will leave us perplexed in many moments, thanks also to a development that enhances the exploration, the resolution of puzzles, but also the persecutions, the infiltration or the spectacular combat against the enemies . An extremely attractive story that adds to some of the best and most charismatic bosses of the genre: the Baker family.

The end result is a product of an enormous quality that will captivate the most veterans of the series, but also the neophytes who approach for the first time to the world of Resident Evil. As if that were not enough, the outstanding audiovisual level has allowed us to offer one of the best settings we remember. In short, a must-buy for any player who deserves to be.

NOTE: 9.5

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  • Unbeatable atmosfear.
  • Return playable to the origins.
  • Audiovisual section very successful.


  • The last part of adventure.
  • Long loading times.
  • Some textures.

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