Review of The Mummy Demastered, a Fantastic Tribute To The Best Metroidvania of the 90s

Now that the November releases have calmed down, in the absence of the last thuds of December, I have been able to calmly resume my game of ‘The Mummy Demastered’, which had the bad luck of joining me with Super Mario Odyssey and Assassin’s Creed Origins three days after I started it.

Based on the recent movie of Tom Cruise’s’ The Mummy ‘, WayForward gives us a totally different vision to what was perpetrated in theaters (fortunately), with a videogame that fully bets on the 90s metroidvania, paying special attention to the’ Metroid ‘and’ Castlevania ‘, as is logical.

Get ready, because you will suffer

‘The Mummy Demastered’ is a very demanding game, not as hard as the ‘Contra’ Konami, but it is true that their bosses (especially) will put us in more than one bind to the point of wanting to throw the command against the screen.

Here it will be essential to explore each corner of its different regions, especially in search of more medicine cabinets to increase our life cap; because the final duels are an extremely long endurance test … but without the brilliance exhibited by the sensational ‘Cuphead’.

The creators of Shantae, with extensive experience in this genre so prolific in recent years, have managed to create a quite varied adventure and with many winks (more or less obvious) to the classics of Nintendo and Konami, reaching its culmination in the fearsome clock tower of the ‘Castlevania’. Although there are (fortunately) flying jellyfish heads, we have other pretty damn beings with whom we will lose life and time in abundance. Wildly.

The Mummy Demastered and the good work of the 90s

‘The Mummy Demastered’ has, in any case, a progressive difficulty quite appropriate to each situation … until it hits an unexplained jump with certain mummies out at full speed (and with a lot of bad slobbering) of sarcophagi that emerge from nowhere . There we will realize how soon life can go down and how much it will play entering and leaving the stage to break objects in search of life pills. Because the save points will not restore our health, eye.

At the playable level, it also fulfills, even though in the beginning we do not have practically any skill. Like any metroidvania that boasts, we will gain mobility and offensive power, reaching areas that were previously inaccessible. It will be essential, in turn, to have a good memory, because the map, although it shows a lot of information, is awkward with the access to each room and does not allow annotations, so you have to pull a classic: the notebook.

WayForward yes that could have been more careful in the variety of enemies, which are repeated in each region. There are few that belong to one in particular, and it is missing, in turn, a bestiary to study them better. Needless to say, they will not give experience, because there is not any here. Our evolution is dictated by the first aid kits, ammunition improvements, weapons and different “trinkets” and scrolls that we collect, thanks to which we will obtain more skills.

Details of genius with an exquisite BSO

As if that were not enough, the 100% craving is so typical of the genre, not just the map (where many hidden areas will not be missing, with some that we can only “break” by means of a unique ability that arises from the combination of a certain trinket with a parchment), but also of the objects, takes us to another class of collectibles, with 50 Prodigium symbols, triggering its useful life.

The funny thing, anyway, is to see how ‘The Mummy Demastered’ manages the deaths of the protagonist (which is not Tom Cruise, we insist). Instead of returning to the last control point and continuing as if nothing had happened, the game plants our mummified corpse in the fateful area where they defeated us. And eye, armed to the teeth (unlike us when resuscitated). Hence, it is important not to go crazy (the game is automatically saved when you die), otherwise the peak of difficulty will be unsustainable if you kill us a lot.

Beyond that genius, combined with the good work of WayForward with the pixel in this intense journey to the last century, I remain, long, with its exquisite soundtrack, by Monomer (you can listen to it in Spotify), very in the electronic line of artists of the size of Disasterpeace (‘Fez’).

The opinion of GamerInsiders

In summary, WayForward has pleasantly surprised us with ‘The Mummy Demastered’. Everything pointed to that it would be an unused license to show heart of palm in the form of demake (because these Californians are masters of the pixel), however it has turned out to be a metroidvania that has managed to take many of the benefits of the referents of the genre. And with a memorable BSO.

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