RiME Review for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch & PC

Well, I’ve finally been able to finish RiME. It is curious that I am still drying my tears and the only thing that a priori appears to me introspective, is that I really do not find it easy to talk about the game. Not especially because I did not like it; However it is rather the opposite. I loved it. And among other things, from my point of view, I find it difficult to talk about RiME mainly because this new production of Tequila Works (some real geniuses in case you did not know yet) on several occasions schematizes the equation with narrative nuances somewhat dissimilar, Know what you want to achieve and what you want to achieve, with the whole compound. In addition, in small punctual situations, some elements advance to opposing measures, thus entangling the entanglement between them. Finishing by deriving into small dissonant fragments that are difficult to swallow; Nevertheless, we shall speak of all this later; Although it is worth mentioning in advance that the balance is not very much imbalanced either.

However, I must admit that I am writing these lines still very excited, given that after having reached the end of the adventure carried out by that featured guy, I have hardly words to describe how incredible it is to witness an audiovisual show as hyper-estetified as Turns out to be RiME. A title that relives the most spectacular essence that I have only enjoyed in video games (and curiously all of them influences for this work) of the same nature: communication from silence.

We start the game and the first thing that appears before us is a vast starry sky that invites us to settle in our chairs; To prepare ourselves for what lies ahead, demonstrating that the confines (and limits) of this journey are not only limited to a physical environment and / or visible to our human capacity. Metaphorically speaking the adventure goes beyond what is simply presented to us; Transcend from the most minutely simple to a certain climax, reaching the climax of any possible sensation.

The central mechanism that promotes this new work of Tequila Works is a sound element, simple but effective: the voice. But not any voice; The voice of silence, the voice from the silence. Our protagonist will interact with the environment as follows: it will emit a humming or a nice and simple singing. It will be the main voice (or main sound) that we will listen during the whole adventure – taking the fantastic soundtrack that will accompany us at all times – and that will somehow open doors and allow us to open the way before a great Mass of complexity that is all the paradise that contours us. The environment that surrounds us is beautiful, yes, but its nature in itself is complex – by this I do not mean that the puzzles that RiME gives us are cumbersome; In fact, I go further – because we are never going to unveil in a concise and precise way what it is, or what it is, all that scenario. Explicitly they will not tell us. And there will be when our free interpretation comes into play, once we reach the end of everything and, through certain revelations, we begin to give way to our deduction and appreciation of the same facts.

The almost perpetual silence we perceive in RiME, and the one that frames it, does not annihilate the word: it engenders the possibility of polysemy in front of its multiple elements. The opening to silence determines the aesthetic event. Silence speaks of imminence, a revelation not yet produced, but we know that at one time or another will happen … The audiovisual section and its aesthetics have the mission of transcending the voice of the boy, placing it in a space of plural significations. In this way, not making explicit what that word, that succinct meaning longed for by the players, becomes a more radical way of communicating. The suggestion is, from this perspective, the only way to create multiple senses by overcoming, in the silence of the word, the limits to which the inherent structure of language and words submits us.

The great influences that have been deposited in RiME jump to the first one of change. All you have to do is take a look at it, and you can see that you breathe part of the essence of Journey (the journey and its implications), as well as its very “purpose”. And then on the other hand, we will also notice (and above all we will be able to account for the protagonist boy’s dress) that TeamICO’s magic and art are wide, although bearing the own Tequila Works label, having shaped that Mediterranean essence So unique in his new work.

As we mentioned before, RiME is a video game of simple and simple puzles, and pretends to be. Far from trying to evoke convoluted, complex problems, with anagrams or the like; The game is limited to offer us a system in which we will have to organize to activate several statues at the same time, or find the key pieces to activate the opening of a hallway. I have not been bothered by the simplicity of the system that presents to keep the player active, in addition from a narrative point of view quite agrees with that innocent view (see things from the point of view of a child) that aims to convey. There is a story to tell, and the video game focuses exclusively on being able to achieve and achieve that. In getting us to get his voice.

The pace of events is somewhat accelerated, it is true, but I think it succeeds in being effective – with some buts that I will explain later. As you progress you get to worry about the boy, who overwhelmed by everything around him is constantly fighting against a seemingly unfriendly environment, but that will gradually become a slope of darkness and despair. Drowning in a crude reality that will make us fly our heads. On the other hand, the design by subtraction with which captivates us the title of Tequila Works is excellent, a successful bet, as well as necessary, that they have been able to supply in a great way. I love that perspective they wanted to give to the adventure; That perspective of being seen from the innocent eyes of a boy.

The only weak point I find in Tequila Works’ new work – as I mentioned at the beginning of this text – is that despite focusing on telling a story (without going through the branches and providing good points of interest that can later Being a source of replayability), it gave me the feeling that some sentimental moments are treated with a lack of sensitivity. Everything progresses at a rapid pace, and in those moments where a well-centered rhythmic dedication would be of vital importance, the key moments pass as very unnoticed. They are not reached until the final stretch, where the arrow shoots and pierces the soul, – so it was with me. I think that if throughout the course of the work the respective factors and elements had come together at the same rate, it would have given the impression that the video game progresses at a more dedicated, delicate and more leisurely pace. No hurries.


RiME is absolutely fantastic. So clear. It will have its small stumbles, but its strength and the desire with which it shouts from the simplicity of the silence surpass any obstacle. The atmosphere is superb and the layout of levels is quite intelligent. The narrative is sublime and the original soundtrack is overwhelming, which I guarantee you will touch the sensitive fiber once we put ourselves in position and let the captivating canvas of RiME relive the child we carry inside. Undoubtedly, in my case, has earned the post to one of the essential video games this year. A video game that we should all play. A video game of which we can feel proud, and of which we can have the pleasure of shouting: “made in Spain!”






  • Visual narrative for a very emotional story.
  • Artistic direction.
  • Soundtrack


  • Climbing sections are nothing interesting
  • It's a sin not to include photo mode!

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