Sid Meier’s Civilization VI for PC Review

Time passes, the hours fly, but the passion for Civilization VI does not diminish in the least. This is the greatness of Firaxis Games’ new turn-based video game. You prove it … and it’s almost impossible to stop playing. Loaded with news and tons of content, 2K offers us what is one of the best and brightest games of 2016. In this analysis we tell you why you should not miss it.

As much as I enjoyed Civilization VI, so many hours of fun has provided me with this brilliant turn-based strategy game, which I am most concerned about right now is not being able to reflect all its greatness in these lines. Not even know where to start. Do I tell you about the great innovations you introduce? How addictive is it? Or maybe I focus on civilizations? How do the game perspective differ and change? If I were guided by reason, yes, I would focus on these details; In the broad management options, freedom of action, espionage, diplomacy and the damned funny thing is to crush the enemies without using a single weapon; But it is the heart that commands and this, a game where the sensations are everything.

It’s fun in a way that is hard to explain in words. You begin the journey, the great mission of becoming the leader of the nation that will dominate the world, and immediately, you feel the urgent need to tell someone. To relate your great deeds, your masterpieces, how you deceived the Romans or you won the friendship of the United States. And you never tire of it. You always want more. You need more stories to tell, because this is an endless game. A title that almost by magic is impossible to get out of the head. He does not have a great argument or lack that makes him, because it is your acts that define history. You are the one who creates that great adventure, that epic historical story that you can not disengage.

Passion for the turns

You repeat it over and over again instinctively. “One more turn and I’m done”; But you never do. It is the big lie that we tell ourselves not to feel bad after hours and hours in front of the PC. There is always some excuse to turn to; A new building to be built, battles to fight, trade routes to exploit or diplomatic treaties to sign. And the smile never leaves you. Your eyes may be irritated, but there you go, happy, to yours, managing your empire with a variety of strategic actions that will surprise even the veterans of the franchise.

Civilization VI Analysis

There are buildings, districts, that well located will increase its power generating more energy or even, special bonuses. Pay attention to all the details!

The Firaxis Games team has not left anything in the inkwell! As it happened in previous episodes of the series, that brought to light their full potential with the expansions of content. Everything good that you expect of Civilization is here, as always, but this time accompanied by a good handful of news that change everything. The most important has to do with the way in which we expand our empire. There is a lot more strategy, more decisions to make before building this or that building, because now the physical space is a precious asset that we can not waste lightly. The buildings once erected inside the cities, including the great wonders, leave the walls to look for a place in the adjoining squares. And not. It is not a mere aesthetic question.

The great faction leaders present an outstanding artistic design. With each gesture, each look, they look as if they were characters in an animated film.

Depending on the orography of the place, and the resources that we find around us, you can build some or other buildings that now, mostly, are within the so-called districts; Special neighborhoods that grant bonuses dedicated to culture, leisure, war or religion among others. Do you want pyramids? You will only have them if there is desert around you. Are you interested in building an aqueduct? If there is not a river by the city, forget it; it can not.

Almost as if from a puzzle game, this new system forces you to think on a large scale before making any decision. No longer is it worth building cities as if you were making the shopping list: I build a barn, now a barracks, then a temple … and so on until you have everything ready. Civilization VI is impossible. There is no room for everything, so we depend on the board and our ability to manage its resources. Strategy rules. And the choices are incredible.

Obviously these particularities are not immovable axioms, you can always alter the course of the game to adapt the action to our liking, but it is important to know them before setting out our expansion strategy. Also the way of thinking of the enemies. Harald Sigurdsson, for example, likes empires with a large naval fleet, which is Viking for something !, while Qi Shi Huang Di fears those who possess more wonders than his nation. If you know these secrets, if you have somehow brought out your Hidden Agenda, you will have a clear tactical advantage over them. Otherwise, without realizing it, you can give them the perfect excuse to start a war.

Diplomacy and espionage charge in Civlization VI an importance that is not always granted in this class of video games. You can offer gifts, establish commercial deals, make demands, denounce other countries and, as a novelty, declare Casus Belli before starting the war to minimize the negative effects that this action generates in other nations. The spies also have at their disposal several special missions that will allow us to obtain extra resources, increase the visibility on the adjoining territories, or extract information such as the Hidden Agenda of other civilizations. Even on a religious level, we find new options with which to expand our influence, such as the bishops, who, if they force the machine too hard and try to convert their religion to other cities, can unleash a great conflict. It is normal.

The faction leaders, endowed with a great artificial intelligence, will not remain impassive before the expansion of our empire, reacting of realistic form with each step that we give. Troops on the borders? Nobody likes them, least of them, so soon they will denounce us and, if necessary, declare a justified war to which other nations can join if we have not taken good care of diplomatic relations. It’s fabulous. Sometimes the chaos that is generated in the game is so fun and exciting, that it is hard to resist the temptation to drop an atomic bomb. In this sense, the game incorporates new military options that help that battles are not as cumbersome as in previous chapters. It is easier than ever to guide the steps of the troops, which we can group into armies or join space units.

You have to think on a large scale before you build. The choices are incredible
There is nothing missing here. Even a visual Civilization Vi is wonderful. I understand that there are people who are betting on a cartoon style but do not convince him, but the artistic design of the faction leaders, with that air to Pixar animation film, is brilliant. Each and every one of them credibly represent their namesakes with gestures, grimaces, and words that will inevitably make you smile.

It is also noticeable in the user interface, more clear and intuitive impossible, even when the game is plagued with strategic options. Farewell to the convoluted menus! And what about the colorful map. They are fantastic. Even more so if you look at the detail of the fog of war. It’s a vintage map! With that yellowish tone and drawings that represent everything we have seen. Special mention should be made of the areas to be discovered, which are represented by monsters, as some imagined the hidden areas of the world.

Tourism is a key resource for gaining culture-based victory. It is generated with great artistic works, literary or national parks.

Troops and buildings may have a simpler finish, which greatly improves game performance even in older teams, but even with those, this is a video game full of quality details. Seeing how to build a great wonder is, never better said, a real wonder. The Roman coliseum, the pyramids of Egypt, the city of Petra … each structure has so many details to be stunned, that it is difficult not to fall in love with the artistic section of Civilizaction VI. And if you already close your eyes and let the music speak for itself … how amazing! Once again Christopher Tin signs a scandalously good soundtrack. His music has a soul; Each theme, each piece, perfectly represents the different civilizations that star in the video game. There are memorable themes; The one of Spain, Brazil, Norway, Arabia, Egypt … and the best thing is to verify how these melodies evolve with the passage of the eras, increasing its sonorous complexity.

I do not forget either the great dubbing to Spanish or multiplayer, which is pure addiction. Do you hit? Maybe the artificial intelligence, that in few occasions can play us some bad past. A dispute with Gandhi comes to mind. He kept accusing me of being a warmonger-when he was at war with Moctezuma! A minor detail that does not overshadow a wonderful video game from start to finish.


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