Switch eShop Review: Improved Service But in Beta Phase That Does Not Convince

In Nintendo they are celebrating very strong during these weeks and not for less. The Switch phenomenon is striking us with such a virulence that those who sail somewhat expectantly for the creative future of the Japanese brand, we end up succumbing to the positivism with too much surrender.

Kimishima, Miyamoto, Reggie and company have been able to produce an attractive, different, competitive and surprisingly appetizing product, but with such a huge number of gaps that 6 months after its release (and after 4.7 million consoles sold) Is anything but understandable.

Youtube, HBO, Netflix, Twitter, Facebook or the web browser are absences of weight that they see their paradigm in the service of the Virtual Console. Neither is nor expected, what would say. The classic library in Switch needs your space and needs a platform that will invite us to satisfy our thirst for collecting with guarantees, and all that happens through the Nintendo online store.

Here we have little to do. The eShop cries out for a set-up that will allow it, at last, to leave its endless beta phase; Both in function and design. I am convinced that the lack of charisma, nuances, a certain order and a certain elegance does not correspond to an intentional scheme where minimalism and simplicity reign above inviting the purchase. As the son of parents dedicated to commerce, I find it hard to assimilate such a distant and ineffectual environment coming under the unmistakable Nintendo label.

Nor should we go too far to take ideas, which since the great N have reached very remarkable levels throughout its history with the eShop. The version enjoyed by users of the unfairly defunct Wii U is so superior that Switch looks like a solitary section of environmentally friendly products. Upwards, of course, but cold, without charm and above all, without good prices.

The Wii U version is so superior that Switch looks like a solitary section of eco-friendly products.
After such an introduction I come up and propose three improvements that would make the Nintendo Switch eShop the perfect complement to merge the savings. They are extremely basic and obvious for all those who kill the time by browsing the PSTORE, the Xbox store or the always compliant Steam store (to give some example), but they serve to check the low creative level that suffers the service of the phenomenon Switch .

A face-lift to the height of sales

The hopes are set in the presentation of the online service of Nintendo, is evident. The mysticism with which the virtual console camouflages and the launch of mini consoles have a common denominator that by H or by B (or by HB), is limited to wait for a presentation too extended. At least that is the sensation that their visible heads transmit.

Eshop Nintendo

With such sales numbers and the hunger so voracious that the user presents, it is difficult to understand the company’s very reserved strategy. They are most likely to avoid precipitation, to avoid bundling, to avoid even distractions in their first few months of launch beyond the published games. However, and taking a look at the already commented Wii U store, there everything is situated with gusto.

The fun, the timeless happiness and the friendly mood of the world Nintendo does not smell in the Switch eShop and has easy fix. 3DS, with its limitations when listing games, offers a much more palatable platform. It’s easy to get around and, why not, it’s fun to get lost in the aisles.

Good design is something that is intrinsic to the brand that leads Kimishima, so the proposal can not be more clear here: that the virtual store of Switch is nintendera in all profiles. Adding musical thread? Why not? On Wii U works divinely.

Most interactive game pages

And this is something that Steam brushes perfectly. Facing a commercial environment where ratings, comments or analyzes have weight when buying or not a product would approach the eShop to the micro universe signed by Valve, and that is synonymous with quality.


Unfortunately what we have in Switch is of such an improvement that I refuse to believe that everything is said. The design, the layout, the lack of information, the lack of interaction when it comes to delving into a game … The reforms are obvious, but I fear that from the top they have not even rethought such issues.

Gabe Newell hit the key, and if there is company that can follow in the footsteps with fresh ideas Nintendo would be very at the top. Not only with regard to the visual aspect; If in addition to the relevant facelift added the possibility of returning games fulfilling certain requirements, the climate of satisfaction would be so fair to the user that many would be rewarded so late.

Weekly Deals

Another of the necessary reforms of the virtual store goes through their offers. Yes, you are right, on Wii U and 3DS we have enjoyed discounts, but none applied to recent games. Here both Playstation, Microsoft and Steam itself have years of advantage and the fact is that Nintendo, as far as policies of rebate is concerned, takes too little care of its users.

My Nintendo came on the scene deleting from the map the embracing Club Nintendo that had allowed us to get glasses of ‘Mario Kart’, ‘Luigi’s Mansion’ dioramas or ‘Captain Toad’ lamps. Authentic jewels that said goodbye dreaming of a better future for the fan and has ended up being the opposite.

Spend all your gold coins at 30% discounts, of course. Or better yet, melt the silver ones in fish-shaped brooches for your ‘Miitomo’ alter ego. Waiting for the rewards that will appear for Switch users, why not add rebates on titles like ‘Fast RMX’, ‘1-2 Switch’ or ‘Breath of the Wild’? Plenty to ask for. It will play to spend the coins in wallpapers of ‘Mario Kart 8’ for the mobile before they expire.

What if we go one step further?

The Nintendo Switch may not have been designed to become the center of digital entertainment at home. As can also the lack of functionalities is due to contractual issues that, unfortunately, many of us are missing. The truth is that after 6 months without changes we can do two things: trust that the digital store evolves to what we deserve or on the contrary, resort to conformism.

As I remain with the first, and as a final brooch of the article, I will bring to light my gifts as the official oracle of VidaExtra. It is likely that with the launch of the Virtual Console we will see the new scheme of the eShop, an interface, new categories (option to reserve games, gifts for purchases, new themes, demos, multiplayer games, app, video …) The use of applications that underline the portability of the hybrid nintendero.

Yes, something tells me that not only Netflix, Youtube or Twitter will make their appearance. The eShop has the virtue to accommodate much more, and with the relentless desire to take the Nintendo universe to the cinema, why not place the series of the channel Nintendo Anime Channel on the platform? Kirby, Super Mario, Pokémon or Inazuma Eleven are phenomena that need their space in Switch and through a hypothetical videoclub function could work to the level they already do in 3DS.

Those who are users of Playstation will agree that the multimedia ecosystem of Sony is, at least, essential. Switch has the recipe and ingredients to shine at such a height, but needs a different, attractive and overflowing nintendera essence. It is not easy, certainly not, but the same surprise us with a digital store where we can do merchandising, amiibo or rewards in the purest style Club Nintendo.

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