Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Review

Today we are before the analysis of Ghost Recon Wildlands, when it has been 5 years since we had a chance to see a Ghost Recon ‘major’. At this time the world of video games has changed completely, with a new generation of consoles giving new opportunities to developers around the world. This extra power has enabled the games of the open world to become the daily bread, a car that has been uploaded this series of action tactical dyes Ubisoft.

Thus, this tenth installment of the series gives freedom to the player to move as he wants and, in addition, leaves the futuristic setting of the previous delivery in order to take us to the present, and a Bolivia controlled by the drug lords (commanded by El Sueño ). The argument premise is simple as few: we are part of an elite squad, the best, with the mission of overthrowing the Santa Blanca cartel with a leader who acts as a Messiah, and who calls himself “The Dream” . And that’s it, practically that’s all the excuse we need to start a show full of shootings, chases, explosions and moments of calm chicha. There are no big surprises, but neither are they needed, as everything in Ghost Recon Wildlands revolves around discovery-destruction.

Because the thread of action is the exploration of each of the areas in which this huge game is divided, dominated by the various lieutenants of El Sueño. We will find clues here and there that will lead us to different missions that will help us undermine the cartel’s influence in the area until we can face the ‘final boss’ on duty. Yes, something that remembers a lot to what Mafia 3 tried to do, but without losing so much in absurd secondary. Here, at least, everything is clear: go and kill people, alone or with friends. The objective is to cut off El Sueño’s influence network in the different zones, until he can beat the leader when he is without the support of his followers.

The sensations are very different from the ones offered by Deck13, since here the exploration is much more important and rich. The location that serves as a stage is full of mountains, lakes, islands, hotels … That is to say that it is the most varied, and it is interesting to travel from one point to another, with the right density of elements to engage us in that More exploration and to bed ‘. By road we will have at our disposal all types of vehicles: cars, armed buggies, trucks, vans, tractors, motorcycles … The catch is that we will be stuck to the ground, a soil that will usually be steep and will cause us to spin more than We would like to reach each location. Of course, it is not the only type of transportation, as there will also be (many) helicopters, airplanes, speedboats … Come on, Ghost Recon Wildlands has the most covered vehicle roster, although control of each one does not Be perfectly perfect (the physical on the bike, the halberdiers of the helicopter, the grip on the sports, etc).

The other important part of the gameplay of this title are its moments of action, which are developed within the framework of action games in third person, with automatic coverings as we approach the objects on stage. The system works quite well, without us being sold almost never, although the fact that the targeting is performed in the first person (when we trigger the left trigger), it does start off at first. However, these problems disappear as soon as we get used to it, finding a fairly potable and worked gunplay, which in the end is key for this type of games to end up between players. Although, it must be said that the control of the character is not all that precise that we would like to go through the scenarios, especially when climbing risks and different levels. A minor problem, without a doubt.

Our arsenal starts being limited, with a few weapons, accessories and gadgets at our disposal, to open up the range of possibilities as we explore the world and improve the capabilities of our character. Discovering the world will unlock weapons and accessories for them, while through the experience system we can increase the capabilities of our operative. The system of progression is peculiar. Yes, we have a more or less classic skill tree, but to unlock each skill we must have enough points relative to that branch (granted for discovering locations, killing enemies, blowing things up …) In this way, Of arms will demand that we kill more and more enemies, for example. And so with the other capabilities. Of course, you will also have to level up and find skill points hidden by the map to be able to improve these abilities.

The good thing is that this improvement is not limited to do more damage, run faster or endure more, but also grows in possibilities, allowing us to open the range of options in combat with different explosives, types of drones, thermal view , Etc … With this is achieved that throughout our hours with Ghost Recon Wildlands we can tunear more and more our character to adapt to our style of play, although the initial customization options make us think otherwise (for being enough Limited). Unfortunately this progression manages to keep interest enough, by not making us feel more powerful by playing more hours. We will have to limit ourselves to having more options in terms of weapons, even if they are not necessarily better, and the skills we already have are more powerful. This shows more the more hours we devote to the game.

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