Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Review for PS4

It’s a little less than a week before I get to the stores ‘Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’, and every PS4 player should be crazy about pushing his teeth. It is not a new numbered installment of the saga, it does not have Nathan Drake as protagonist and could be cataloged as a DLC come to more, but continues delivering all the good that has made great this saga.

Naughty Dog regains the franchise that has catapulted them to fame like no other, and far from being a farewell, is the proof that the saga ‘Uncharted’ is much more than its protagonist. It is a way of making video games that, when it takes the right way, finds no rival. It would be a shame if this was not a point and followed.
Much more than a DLC

I am aware of how complicated it is to dictate something like this, even more so in a time when the sagas that offer one delivery after another go decaying until giving more of themselves, but ‘Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’ puts back on the table The evidence that must continue. There is nothing like it in the middle. There is no game that shades the best face of Naughty Dog and we would not want to miss this format in which the charismatic characters add up to an action script and the technical quality sets the tone. It would be a great loss for all of us who have enjoyed it.

Even more complicated is to say taking into account that ‘Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’ is not, by far, the best delivery of the saga. In fact it counts on one of the less spectacular beginnings that I remember (if we neglect how bad the old rhythm has aged), and its novelties are no more than mere excuses for that word to appear in this type of texts.

Chloe and Nadine make sure Nathan Drake is not missed

The possibility of using picks, used to open key doors in the plot or boxes of ammunition in which to collect supplies and better weapons, and the use of a map to mark the destinations instead of seeing them reflected on the screen floating on the horizon, result Be the only doses of innovation within the saga. In addition none of them shines in particular and, although they are interesting additions, they are nothing that does decant the balance.

So continuity is in its execution that, with Chloe and Nadine at the head forming a tandem in which is not missing at all the usual protagonist, ‘Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’ plays to try to intensify and improve everything seen in ‘ Uncharted 4 ‘. It makes him aware of his limitations, separating the adventure into two very marked sections in which, on the one hand, there is room for experimentation and, on the other hand, he celebrates with all his might what he has always done well.

The first part of the adventure, related to this stage of experimentation, tries to exploit by all means the option of getting into a car and exploring a more or less open scenario in search of treasures and secrets that allow you to advance.

The approach to the open worlds is not the future that I would like to see in Naughty Dog

However, while in ‘Uncharted 4’ it became a well-executed pause between overdose and overdose of action, here it takes up more than half of the 6 or 7 hours of the campaign. Accustomed to a frenetic pace, here completely hinders the progress of the adventure. It has you circling a circular map in which the invisible walls make up scrubs that would be destroyed if we could go over with the car.

It turns out to be a somewhat cheesy scenario, with convoluted roads that make you give more turns of the account to reach several key points. In them we find puzzles and confrontations the sea of ​​fun, but the mere fact of going from here to there conveyed to me the feeling that that point, that of trying to explore the choice of an open world, is not the future that I would like to see in Naughty Dog.

It was so slow that after finding the option to continue exploring it to find a special object (after activating a dozen points dispersed by the map), I could not avoid crossing it and obviate the warning of Nadine so that the story continued its course. I thank Chloe and her partner, by the way, that with their conversations expanding the plot on the past of both they managed to make the way much more bearable.

Naughty Dog on the way I’m unreachable

All this may be a jug of cold water, but let’s not get our hands on our heads yet. If the first installment of ‘Uncharted: The Legacy Lost’ is a glimpse into the slacker side of the saga, it’s still more spectacular and careful than most blockbuster movies of its kind that might come to your head. Let’s say that, far from being a bad adventure, it is better than all the others that try to make it shade, but below (or at least by another way) of what we are accustomed to see.

Not only that, after that warm-up in which Naughty Dog explores other opportunities based on larger scenarios, scouting on a larger scale, and another attempt to fight fights with stealth paths and equal action valid, what arrives is a second tranche In which the game team goes straight to what they do best, the usual mix of puzzles, platforms, shots and spectacular scenes with a devilish pace.

Until that second stretch you get the desire to see how far you can take the game, and from there you stay glued to the screen until the end because, simply and plainly, it is impossible to leave.

It is felt that the ideas are finished after everything that has already lived Nathan Drake, returning to collect concepts as the persecution in vehicles or the fighting aboard a train, but does not mean that it is a simple remix of the best moments of The saga In fact they seek to recover these same and take other routes that, there is a matter of tastes, can become even more spectacular than those of previous games.

That in fact we are before something near a simple DLC of Uncharted 4 it seems to me hallucinating

In many of them the surprise factor is lost, of course, and that the action takes us through other paths, but they all seem to be one point below what the greatest adventures could get to deliver. Be that as it may, approaching them aware that we are facing what was once a DLC, inevitably gets your head exploded.

A promising future

During those last hours I have enjoyed ‘Uncharted: The Lost Legacy‘ as the most. Their action scenes, their history and the beauty of their scenarios (go here to what extent they continue to surprise), well deserve every euro invested in the game.

Too bad that opening the doors to shootings less controlled, for that to give the option of a stealth that continues without appearing to me as much fun that its festivals of bullets, they brake somewhat the possibility of keeping alive its habitual rhythm. The problem is that I have two opportunities: I lose precious time working out strategies to end up with enemies that I have to alert yes or yes, or I head up to shoot against rivals with whom, for the damage I Produce and their ruthless strategies, it is almost impossible to give life to sequences of shots as epic as the screenings.

That, and not the approach to the open worlds or the secrecy of being at home, should be the great goal of Naughty Dog facing the future of the saga. Hopefully create live shootings in which you enjoy shooting the same way you do when you jump from a vehicle at the last moment while an explosion adorns your feat.

Luckily there’s the multiplayer and Survival mode to delight those looking for more action, but unfortunately the servers were not available during our test and we can not talk about them in depth. Nor do I think it is necessary, since this does not stop adding and expanding the online options of the previous delivery and already demonstrated there its full potential.


To this day, with a set so well executed at such an impressive level, the lack of inspiration in the shootings is one of the few things that could put you in the face of an ‘Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’ with which it is impossible to get angry. Well for the decision to give shelter to the story of Nathan and how they have demonstrated that they can continue the saga without him, but if there is a necessary change for the future continuity of the franchise, I hope that is just that.

Chloe and Nadine are gaining our attention with an adventure with slower measures than usual, but also memorable action scenes and some scenes that it is pleasant to travel. We may be far from what Naughty Dog got in ‘Uncharted 2’ in terms of rhythm, but that should not detract from what’s achieved here, a solid, fun and challenging game that is impossible to give up.

In Naughty Dog they know how to do many things very well and, beyond having that clear, it seems to me well that they explore other ways. I just want you to be aware of the extent to which they have mastered what they have done so far with Uncharted and that if they keep trying to open other doors, do not do that by closing the ones for which most of the players will not tire To pass.

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