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Nintendo Switch Fornite Edition

Taking advantage of the pull of Fortnite Battle Royale, Nintendo will launch a Fortnite edition of Switch. Note that it is not a special edition, because it has nothing extraordinary. It’s simply the Blue / Red Neon console with a double-helix package and 1005 pages for Fortnite. It will be available on October 5 at […]

Pokémon: Let’s GO: New trailer with the secret techniques of Pikachu e Eevee and confirmed a pack with Nintendo Switch

As we imagined it would happen sooner or later after the announcement made in the last hours, Nintendo has released a new trailer of the editions ‘Pokémon: Let’s GO Pikachu and Let’s GO Eevee’ to show all the details of the latest news They have revealed themselves. In both games the MOs have disappeared to […]

You can now download the Dragon Quest Builders demo in the eShop of Nintendo Switch

Square Enix successfully adapted the formula of ‘Minecraft’ to its most acclaimed RPG in Japan, offering in ‘Dragon Quest Builders’ something much more interesting than a new scenario: the possibility of creating a world to suit us. Something that is already possible to put into practice in Switch almost a month after its departure. Taking […]

Kirby tunes his debut on Nintendo Switch with a delicious trailer of Kirby Star Allies

We love Kirby, and we love it more than Nintendo plans to take out the expected ‘Kirby Star Allies’ as soon as possible on Nintendo Switch, even though it comes almost a year after celebrating Kirby’s 25th anniversary. Because the Nintendo Direct Mini just announced its release date: March 16. Apart from this, it has […]

The Outlast Will Come to Nintendo Switch in Early 2018 and Will Expand with “a Different Experience”

The Switch catalog gets more and more interesting: if games like ‘DOOM‘, ‘L.A. Noire ‘or’ Resident Evil Revelations‘ greatly expand their genre range, the Red Barrels terror saga will serve to further strengthen its new player base: ‘Outlast’ will soon arrive at the nintendera console. The Canadian study has shared on its Facebook page plans […]

Nintendo and Kellogg’s Team Up to Launch Mario Cereals With Amiibo Function

To this day, how many amiibo exist exactly? The number of figures increases without stopping and to date we have seen some normal, others larger and other made of wool. However, perhaps the most particular of them all is one that has just presented Nintendo after announcing an alliance with Kellog’s. The two companies have […]