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Monster Hunter XX for Switch Shows the Hunter’s Life in a New Trailer and Announces a Demo in Japan

This month, the adaptation of ‘Monster Hunter XX’ for Nintendo Switch will be released in Japan, and Capcom has begun to prepare the ground for its launch to be a success; Which includes offering an interesting remittance of news and even a new trailer with which to boast of the visual aspect improved after its […]

Here’s the First Official Trailer for Thimbleweed Park on Nintendo Switch

Just over a month ago, Ron Gilbert made official the development of the great ‘Thimbleweed Park’ for Nintendo Switch by means of a teaser. And now, apart from specifying when it will leave (it is expected for September), there is a trailer. It shows the game in full screen, unlike what happened with the teaser […]

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: Learn to Play With Mario With This Video Tutorial

The King of the platforms will return to Switch at the end of this month, and this time will do so by the naughty Rabbids. However, in ‘Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle’ Mario will change platforms, Olympic sports and kart racing by strategy. Now, how do you defend the Nintendo superstar in that area? Ubisoft […]

Switch eShop Review: Improved Service But in Beta Phase That Does Not Convince

In Nintendo they are celebrating very strong during these weeks and not for less. The Switch phenomenon is striking us with such a virulence that those who sail somewhat expectantly for the creative future of the Japanese brand, we end up succumbing to the positivism with too much surrender. Kimishima, Miyamoto, Reggie and company have […]

Nintendo Switch Online, the Mobile App With Voice Chat, Will Be Available on July 21

nintendo switch online app

From July 21, finally, we can download the application of Nintendo Switch Online on our mobile phones with Android or iOS. Much of the network experience of the new console will revolve around this app, to the point that voice chat will be used around. “This application will work in different ways according to the […]

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth has already a release date in Switch

the binding of isaac switch

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth + is on its way to Nintendo Switch, and after a period of uncertainty we finally know its release date and the contents that will include the European edition. The version that will arrive to Europe from The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth + will be accompanied by practically the same […]

Nintendo Switch Will Have Two SNES Controllers at the End of the Year Thanks to 8Bitdo

Knowing in advance that 8Bitdo is specialized in re-creating classic Nintendo controllers compatible with Android, iOS, Mac and Windows, it is not surprising that they recently introduced their new line, remembering the two versions of Super Nintendo (PAL and NTSC ). The surprise on this occasion, of course, is that they are compatible with Nintendo […]