You can now download the Dragon Quest Builders demo in the eShop of Nintendo Switch

Square Enix successfully adapted the formula of ‘Minecraft’ to its most acclaimed RPG in Japan, offering in ‘Dragon Quest Builders’ something much more interesting than a new scenario: the possibility of creating a world to suit us. Something that is already possible to put into practice in Switch almost a month after its departure.

Taking advantage of the context of the latest Direct Mini, Nintendo announced that the demo of ‘Dragon Quest Builders’ was already available in Switch’s eShop, being something more than a playable title advance: we will have at our disposal the first measures of the adventure and we will be able to know first-hand their colorful system of creation and exploration.

And yes, we will run into some monster. Moreover, it is interesting to remember that ‘Dragon Quest Builders’ takes us to a desolate world that continues seen in the original ‘Dragon Quest’, which debuted on the Japanese NES in May 1986. In fact, the evil Dracolord, the Final boss of the game, will welcome us in the demo.

The process to access this demo is to go to ‘Next Releases’ in the switch eShop and search for ‘Dragon Quest Builders’, you can find the download button under the digital reservation, although we can also do it through the Nintendo website if we have our associated account.

The best? Unlike other demos of the eShop, this test does not have a limit of uses and we will only need 516 free megabytes to download it.

‘Dragon Quest Builders’ will arrive in both physical and digital to Switch on February 9, securing an especially interesting month for the nintendera console.

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