Donkey Kong will join the Mario & Rabbids team: Kingdom Battle with a new DLC

One of the wishes I put in yesterday’s article of everything we would like to see in the new Nintendo Direct is to show the new DLC that will receive ‘Mario & Rabbids: Kingdom Battle’ and finally has been one of the things that Nintendo has officially confirmed confirmed a few moments ago.

As planned, this new downloadable content will expand the main story with a new chapter that will be accompanied by a new character who will join the team, which will be nothing more and nothing less than Donkey Kong.

At the moment we do not know exactly how to fight or what more surprises we can find in this set of new missions, but at least for the presentation trailer we are clear that one of Mario’s main enemies will try to give the best of himself. In the absence of more information, the arrival of the DLC is expected this spring.

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