DOOM Sharpens Its Output on Nintendo Switch: It Will Arrive Sooner Than You Think!

It seemed that we would have to wait until Christmas to taste the nothing insignificant version for Nintendo Switch of the frenzied and sadistic ‘DOOM’, but Bethesda just gave us a joy to specify its release date.

It will be out in less than a month. Specifically, on November 10, 2017.

Developed by id Software in alliance with Panic Button, this ‘DOOM‘ for Nintendo Switch will feature as standard, in the cartridge, the campaign for a single player. For online modes (along with your DLC), you will have to pull the download (free, of course). The only thing that will not be will be the almost infinite Snapmap mode.

To celebrate, two managers of id Software such as Hugo Martin (creative director) and Marty Stratton (Executive Producer) bring us up to date.

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