Kirby tunes his debut on Nintendo Switch with a delicious trailer of Kirby Star Allies

We love Kirby, and we love it more than Nintendo plans to take out the expected ‘Kirby Star Allies’ as soon as possible on Nintendo Switch, even though it comes almost a year after celebrating Kirby’s 25th anniversary. Because the Nintendo Direct Mini just announced its release date: March 16.

Apart from this, it has helped us to see new material from such colorful platforms, as that skill in which Kirby becomes an Artist of the brush, and where his creations take shape; or that of the Spider, to wrap enemies in cobwebs. Although everything will be enhanced if we play with three colleagues.

This will be because we can combine the skills creating new ones. As for example, water and ice to form floe spears.

We leave you with your latest trailer (minute 2:31) to see it in more detail.

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