Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gets Serious: The Ultra Challenge Pack is Now Available

We do not know if the jump of the King of the Platforms to the format of the strategy by turns seemed especially challenging, but from today the thing is going to complicate the Heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom and its counterpoints Rabbids: the second DLC of ‘ Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle ‘is now available and comes loaded with new challenges.

The Ultra Challenge pack included in the season pass adds to the seen in the game no fewer than eight new challenges Ultra Difficult, which can be found inside the chapter Secret that hides each world; as well as a new cooperative campaign.

This new campaign is composed of five cooperative maps in which the most delicate and almost indestructible enemies of the Mushroom Kingdom as the Chomps Chains and the Boos will put us in more of a predicament, and we will not miss those tiresome Tornados that will take us to any point of the stage twisting the game.

Of course, the adventure does not end here: if we follow the roadmap planned by Ubisoft and Nintendo, it is expected that in 2018 will arrive a second pack which will include an expansion of the main story. As expected, this content is also included in the Expansion Pass. What new mischief will these rabbids have at their hands?

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle may not offer the same level of depth as other tactical strategy deliveries, but you have to recognize that your gameplay proposal is as fun as it is original in Switch’s increasingly interesting catalog. For now, this series of extra challenges will be the perfect excuse to resume our games and re-arm Luigi with his deadly blaster sniper.

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