Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: Learn to Play With Mario With This Video Tutorial

The King of the platforms will return to Switch at the end of this month, and this time will do so by the naughty Rabbids. However, in ‘Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle’ Mario will change platforms, Olympic sports and kart racing by strategy. Now, how do you defend the Nintendo superstar in that area?

Ubisoft has offered a new trailer for this dream crossover focusing exclusively on Mario and his catalog of skills. As expected, the Mushroom kingdom hero will be a balanced character, although his attributes make him perfect to play the offense. Something you can check under these lines and in just a minute and a half.

The main thing is that Mario is a perfect choice for short and medium distance combat, and the key is his two weapons. On the one hand their blasters will keep their enemies at bay, while with their hammers you can dispatch multiple opponents at a time during melee encounters.

Now, Mario will have three added advantages that will define his strategy: on the one hand, the Hero View will allow you to react during the turn of your enemies, so if they move within their range they will expose themselves to be attacked . In addition, if we activate the Power of M we will improve the attack of the allies that are next to us.

As it could not be otherwise, Mario will have the opportunity to jump between combat and combat, being able to inflict damage to his enemies as he moves around the stage with his special movement ability. Of course, in this game we will need a teammate that allows us to execute a kind of infernal catapult.

Soon we will see how Mario defends himself (and goes on the offensive) with a blaster in his hand; And Luigi, Peach and Yoshi along with irreverent, chaotic (and lovable) Rabbids willing to put the Mushroom Kingdom upside down in the process. ‘Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle’ will be available from August 29 on Nintendo Switch.

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