Minecraft will be the first Nintendo Switch game to count on achievements … from Xbox Live

One of the most interesting additions to Xbox 360 were the achievements, adding a replay bonus to the games with special (usually) challenges. But Nintendo has not yet opted for them, despite all the competition has them, from PlayStation (trophies) to Steam (achievements) or even mobile phones.

Although this will cease to be history (in part) thanks to the giant ‘Minecraft’, as has just been discovered through the websites specializing in Achievements True Achievements and Xbox Achievements, where it has been revealed that it will have 1,750 G of achievements of Xbox Live, as in Android, iOS and others.

Because this move does not catch us by surprise, since Microsoft has several of its games with achievements in other systems, such as ‘Solitaire’.

These achievements for the ‘Minecraft’ of Nintendo Switch will be activated, as discussed in Polygon, shortly, when the Bedrock update is active on the console planned for this year. Do you like the idea?

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