Nintendo and Kellogg’s Team Up to Launch Mario Cereals With Amiibo Function

To this day, how many amiibo exist exactly? The number of figures increases without stopping and to date we have seen some normal, others larger and other made of wool. However, perhaps the most particular of them all is one that has just presented Nintendo after announcing an alliance with Kellog’s.

The two companies have come up with the curious idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlaunching some Mario cereals into the market in the shape of some elements of the Mushroom Kingdom, but what makes them really special is the fact that the box itself is an amiibo.

It may sound crazy, but thanks to the label with reader that appears on the back you can place it on top of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, for example, to take advantage of its function in games like ‘Super Mario Odyssey’, in the that will provide some kind of special content, as can be seen in a photo that a Reddit user has published.

The bad thing is that these cereals in the form of amiibo so special will only be distributed in the American market and, for now, there is no news that will end up reaching the rest of the world, so it is normal to think that it will not unlock any suit unique to Mario or something like that. Otherwise it will touch to ask for a box on the other side of the pond.

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