Nintendo Switch Online, the Mobile App With Voice Chat, Will Be Available on July 21

nintendo switch online app

From July 21, finally, we can download the application of Nintendo Switch Online on our mobile phones with Android or iOS. Much of the network experience of the new console will revolve around this app, to the point that voice chat will be used around.nintendo switch online app

“This application will work in different ways according to the compatible game in question”, remind us from the official website of Nintendo. The first example of this we will have with Splatoon 2, which is published the same day 21: from the Nintendo Switch Online app will access SplatNet 2, the typical service to query statistics, invite friends to play a game or see how they will be rotating The maps in each mode during the next 24 hours.

We have seen some of that in the Splatoon 2 Direct makes a ratillo, but you can also find more information here.

All this, remember, is part of the “free trial period” that will be extended until sometime in 2018. From then, the online service Switch will be paid: € 3.99 for a month, 7.99 € for one quarter and € 19.99 for one year.

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