Nintendo Switch Will Have Two SNES Controllers at the End of the Year Thanks to 8Bitdo

Knowing in advance that 8Bitdo is specialized in re-creating classic Nintendo controllers compatible with Android, iOS, Mac and Windows, it is not surprising that they recently introduced their new line, remembering the two versions of Super Nintendo (PAL and NTSC ).

The surprise on this occasion, of course, is that they are compatible with Nintendo Switch, so, from the outset, they will become two of the best bets facing your future Virtual Console.

Forecasted for the Christmas season, as reported from Gamespot, note the inclusion of two analog sticks that break with the classic image of the original controls of Super Nintendo and Super Famicom, apart from those two extra buttons on the front, and Two larger triggers at the rear. They will serve as a substitute, therefore, for the Pro Controller Switch.

They will also be compatible with Mac and Windows.

For now its price is unknown, but if we consider the new design and the previous command, the SFC30 (which respected more the original model), costs 33 $, and the NES30 Pro, inspired by the NES (But with two sticks), costs a bit more (38 $), we expect a slightly higher price or close to the latter. Where sure to shoot the price is in the Stick Arcade with motifs of NES, ideal to distribute tow in ‘Ultra Street Fighter II’.

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