The Outlast Will Come to Nintendo Switch in Early 2018 and Will Expand with “a Different Experience”

The Switch catalog gets more and more interesting: if games like ‘DOOM‘, ‘L.A. Noire ‘or’ Resident Evil Revelations‘ greatly expand their genre range, the Red Barrels terror saga will serve to further strengthen its new player base: ‘Outlast’ will soon arrive at the nintendera console.

The Canadian study has shared on its Facebook page plans about the future of its chilling first-person terror proposal. Initially, the saga is expected to reach Nintendo Switch during the first quarter of 2018, but there are also plans to expand the license.

As indicated by the social network, ‘Outlast 3’ will arrive at some point solving several of the loose ends of the first two installments and the DLC ‘Outlast: Whistleblower’, although they recommend fans to read official comics (totally free) in which clues are given about the strange events of the saga.

However, beyond the adaptation of the two deliveries from ‘Outlast’ to Switch, the priority of Red Barrel is now in a new experience that will take place in the same universe, although it will not continue directly as seen in the games launched.

We do not know if ‘Outlast’ will arrive at Switch in a pack like the recently released ‘Outlast Trinity’ or each delivery can be purchased individually, but playing with helmets, in portable mode and low light can be quite an experience that guarantees more than a little jump. And two.

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