Pokémon: Let’s GO: New trailer with the secret techniques of Pikachu e Eevee and confirmed a pack with Nintendo Switch

As we imagined it would happen sooner or later after the announcement made in the last hours, Nintendo has released a new trailer of the editions ‘Pokémon: Let’s GO Pikachu and Let’s GO Eevee’ to show all the details of the latest news They have revealed themselves.

In both games the MOs have disappeared to give way to the so-called Secret Techniques. Thanks to them we can get Pikachu or Eevee can cut trees, the mythical electric Pokémon can be raised on a surfboard to navigate the sea or Eevee can fly through the air with his coach / thanks for a set of balloons.

With these techniques it is clear that it will no longer be mandatory to teach one of our Pokémon movements such as Cut, Surf or Flight. Also, if the friendship with these two Pokémon is good enough, special powers will be activated that will allow them to cause more damage than normal to our opponent’s Pokémon.

To make matters worse, the two initial Pokémon will have new exclusive movements that can be used during battles. In this way, Pikachu can use the Salpikasurf water movement, while Eevee will learn Vapodrenaje, which will cure 50% of life, Joltioparálisis, able to paralyze the opponent, and Flarembestida, which will always burn the opponent when hitting it.

Along with all this, if we have already seen the Ciudad Celeste or Ciudad Carmín, the new trailer takes us on a trip through the Ciudad Azulona, ​​where some of the most emblematic places of Kanto will be, such as its giant shopping center, the casino or the Gym led by Erika, expert in Plant type Pokémon and who will have a powerful Vileplume on her team.

And here all the news has not been, because Nintendo has officially announced that ‘Pokémon: Let’s GO Pikachu and Let’s GO Eevee’ will come to the stores with its standard edition, another with the command in the form of Poké Ball and now also adds a pack together with a Nintendo Switch.

No doubt the latter will be the most special of all, since the console will be decorated with silhouettes of Pikachu and Eevee throughout its back, while Joy-Con will have the colors of them, the Dock will also be decorated with art images of both and of course it will include a copy of the game along with the Poké Ball Plus controller. Whatever pack you decide to buy, all will go on sale on November 16.


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