Super Mario Odyssey Has Sold More Than 2 Million Units in Just 3 Days

As we said in our analysis, Super Mario Odyssey is a bit of magic. In fact, the latest trick of the King of the platforms is little joke: if we recently reviewed the excellent financial results of Nintendo, the latest report of the Great N clarifies the doubt and gives us the two key figures: two million units in just 3 days.

As detailed in the text, it is estimated that this figure is even higher. However, it must be borne in mind that at the time of making the calculation have taken into account the packs in which the game was included with the console. A pack that many players had been waiting for since March and even earlier.

In fact, Nintendo expects sales to increase: after the celebration of Halloween the Christmas pre-campaign begins and Nintendo will continue to reinforce Nintendo Switch’s production so that it becomes the flagship product of this year. One that in nine months already has several vendors and game candidates of the year exclusive in its catalog.

For its part, in Japan the success of Switch and Super Mario Odyssey is overwhelming. Moreover, according to several users, in some points of sale the stock of both begins to run out as it is counted in the Japanese medium SwitchSoku.

Mario’s last odyssey was put on sale on October 27 and has already reached millionaire figures, something of a real must. How much sales will Switch and ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ after the Black Friday and Christmas period? We are sure that Nintendo and his superstar will return to take another magic number of the hat by 2018, and never better said.

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