Teslagrad Comingo to Nintendo Switch

teslagrad switch

Rain Games has announced the switch version of Teslagrad, its dystopic metroidvania. Although it is not yet known when it will be published (“the exact release date is yet to be confirmed”, says the press release), will be in the stand of Circle, the Japanese company that is responsible for distributing this version, in the Tokyo Game Show.

Not much information has been advanced on this new version, so hopefully it’s basically the same game that has already gone through a handful of platforms, from the PC where it debuted to PS4, Xbox One, Vita and Wii U.

It has been talked about for some time because it seems to have been very profitable: “There were not many games published” on Wii U, compared to other platforms, Rain Games CEO Peter Wingaard Meldahl told Gamasutra. “The indie games had good visibility, in fact”, so Teslagrad was in the top positions of the eShop several weeks. “That would not have been the case on any other platform,” he acknowledged.

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