Three New Areas of Super Mario Odyssey Have Been Seen in the Nintendo World Championship

This weekend the Nintendo World Championship 2017 has been held, where players from around the world, including streamers, youtubers and even superstars of the WWE, have seen the faces in an intense competition in which they have had to overcome different challenges of all kinds of Nintendo video games, some more current than others.

However, one of those that has attracted the attention of all those shown has been ‘Super Mario Odyssey‘, the star game that has been seen during the final of the tournament played by Thomas G. and John Numbers, precisely the winner of the last edition of this championship organized by Nintendo.

The retransmission has served to present three areas that we had not seen so far. The first one mixed parts in 2D with others in 3D in which one had to hit some switches to stop some platforms for which Mario had to move. The second one required more skill by having to employ Cappy on a vertical wall that had to be climbed by throwing our partner.

As for the third and last, it was in an icy place where the Bill Bala had to be captured to move around the stage, but the surprise was that at the end a giant final boss was waiting to capture one of his giant fists to hit him in the face.

As the final is very exciting we invite you to see it in the video that accompanies the news and we leave the video with the full tournament that Nintendo has uploaded before without remembering that ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ will be put to the selling on October 27 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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