We Found The Most Popular Amiibos For You!

The Amiibos are a phenomenon. This has meant that more than one figure is not only an object of collection, but also of worship. Whether they are hard to find or a limited edition, prices have skyrocketed and are the subject of a private hunt. According to various sources, these are the most quoted copies. Yes, we know that same for you are not so much. But there is a part of the world, at least, that burns the eyelashes by finding them.

Golden mario

Exclusive to certain stores to begin with. Already with the fact that it is gold it implies a piece of luxury and an object that the most avid collectors look for already.

8 Bit Mario Classic

Commemorative edition of the 30 anniversary of Super Mario. A nice figure that recreates the Italian plumber in pixels. An ideal combination to make the figure a classic. It does not matter that your design has the coffee or blue overalls.

Splatoon 3-Pack

The Splatoon collection increased its value by Squid. The boy and the girl squid, separately, are valuable. But not as much as the collection with a unique incentive.

Dark pit

An alternate version of a character who rebuilt his popularity thanks to Smash games. Which gives a plus, which was valued by the collectors immediately. It may be just a palette swap, but that did not stop it being quoted.


One of the emblems of the first generation. Among the favorite pocket monsters of life. Was his friend one of the most sought-after? Of course.


Yes, Earthbound is doomed to deliver oddities. A rare and expensive amiibo, portraying a protagonist from a cult game. If you see it somewhere, do not think about it.

Mega man

The guest of luxury in the latest installment of Super Smash Bros. has a very special amiibo. And, therefore, very quoted. It is among those desired by fans, so do not expect to find it easy.


An old rival of Mario. One that we liked to see in Smash. Also, with their own fans for years. Without much difficulty, it was expected to be one of the most sought after.

Meta Knight

One of Kirby’s strangest rivals is not only an unforgettable Brawl character. It was also an exclusive store in the United States. A valuable figure, although in this case a little surprising.


The beautiful princess, accompanied by Luma, is one of the first figures to be reported as scarce. A character who looks very cute in this portrait, so surely if you saw him you took him home. And if you do it in the future you should do it.

Little Mac

This champion is back and, of course, with figure. No wonder it’s the most wanted. Especially because it is a classic character, which we can enjoy back.


No items, only with Fox and Final Destination. One of the key characters in the Smash contests, of course, was going to be quoted. No wonder, unless we start to think how popular it is outside the beatings.

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