Zelda Hestu Locations For Inventory Expansion

As we explained in the section kolog seeds, Hestu is an important character, as it is in charge of expanding our inventory capacity, and thus carry more swords, shields and bows.

For this we have to find the kolog, some creatures that are hidden everywhere in the scenarios, and when we discover we are rewarded with a kolog seed. These seeds must be given to Hestu, but first you must find him.

First Hestu location

The first place where we will find Hestu is on the road that goes from the Twin Peaks Station to the Kakariko Village. We indicate in the map its exact position.

Once we have found it, it will ask us to eliminate enemies that are very close to its position, in order to recover the maracas of Hestu, an object that we will have to give to him so that he begins to extend the inventory.

Once you’ve expanded your inventory several times, you’ll say you can not do it any more, and you’ll move to another place on the map.

Second Hestu location

The second place where we can find it is in the Post of the Forest, place that we show below in the map.

Once we have found you in this place and you have expanded the inventory several times, you will do the same again, and you will move to a third location.

Third Hestu location

The third and last place to which Hestu will travel will be the Kolog Forest, which lies deep in the Lost Forest. We show your location.

This place is special, since it is a kind of labyrinth, which we must cross in a certain way. In the How to get the Master Sword section, we explain how to get to the Kolog Forest, in the heart of the Lost Forest.

Here we will meet Hestu for the third time and we can continue to give him seeds. It will take 441 kolog seeds to expand our inventory to its maximum capacity. There are actually 900, and if we get them all, we will get a strange reward: the seed of Hestu , an object that will allow us from that moment to visualize the fun Hestu dance whenever we want.

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