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Comrades, The Online Multiplayer Mode of Final Fantasy XV, Will Arrive in Late October

After a beta in August, Square Enix announced that from October 31, users of ‘Final Fantasy XV’ will be able to enter into one of the expected new game modes that have been promised since its launch and that is Comrades, its cooperative online multiplayer mode. The plot of this new DLC will follow after […]

Final Fantasy IX Remaster: Nine Reasons to Celebrate The Release and Dream Of The Remake

Nostalgia, that huge titan that will haunt us all our lives, has taken over our portfolio in the last years of the training industry. Whether it’s called SNES Mini, Remake HD, unnecessary sequel or Exclusive Refrito, the truth is that big companies have found a goldmine in that of reselling old proposals. It comes cheap […]

The PC Version of Final Fantasy XV is Officially Confirmed and Will Arrive in Early 2018 [GC 2017]

Square Enix already warned during the last weeks that in the Gamescom 2017 was going to produce a very important announcement related ‘Final Fantasy XV’ and fulfilling the promised one has taken place in the conference of Nvidia in the popular German fair of videojuegos. The surprise has been something that have been asking users […]

Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest will celebrate their 30th anniversary Together

Known in the West as ‘Fortune Street’ or ‘Fortune District’ in Spanish territory, the ‘Itadaki Street’ saga began initially as a mini-game of ‘Dragon Quest III’, launched in 1991 as an independent title for the NES (or rather, the Famicom). Curiously, that picturesque Japanese version of Monopoly will serve to celebrate the three decades of […]