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This is Morphies Law, the Crazy 3D Shooter in Which You Steal Body Mass to Your Enemies With Bullets

The Nindies Showcase has reinforced Switch’s catalog with timeless indie classics such as ‘Super Meat Boy’, long awaited returns like ‘Travis Strikes Again!’ And some proposals that have left us completely ojipl├íticos, and the shooter ‘Morphies Law’ unquestionably enters the latter group. Developed by Swiss studio Cosmoscope, although with a clear inspiration in Mexican culture, […]

King of Cards, The Latest Expansion of Shovel Knight, Will Arrive in 2018

In the Nindies Showcase that has issued Nintendo this afternoon has appeared ‘Shovel Knight’, more specifically that will be its next and last expansion: ‘Shovel Knight: King of Cards’, on which we could also see an advance with a small gameplay . The final chapter of the well-known title of Yacht Club Games will be […]

Jurassic World Evolution announces its arrival to consoles and PCs in 2018 [GC 2017]

If you ever had the same aspirations as John Hammond and wanted to have your own Jurassic Park, the new proposal from Frontier and Universal will make it quite easy: ‘Jurassic World Evolution’ will bet on bringing the universe created by Michael Crichton to the genre of The strategy next year. We can mold a […]

Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker Reviews Various Game Modes with a New Trailer

Although within two weeks, two of Naruto’s game collections will arrive, the most acclaimed ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village will not take a break and in 2018 will return to action with ‘Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker’, a new title that Will be more oriented to the battles multiplayer and in line with combats […]