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Two Classic Games Of The Atari Jaguar Will Be Published in it in a Single Cartridge

In the early 90’s there was a stiff competition between Nintendo consoles and SEGA, a time when the Atari Jaguar, the last machine that Atari published that did not end up having too much popularity, but that soon some people just dusting it off. Jeff Minter, the creator of the classics ‘Tempest 2000’ or ‘Polybius’, […]

The Nintendo Switch Version of Resident Evil: Revelations Will Feature Two Exclusive Mini-Games

We already knew that the version of ‘Resident Evil: Revelations’ that will arrive at Nintendo Switch will not be identical to the other systems because it will make use of all the functions of the Joy-Con, like its motion sensor or the vibration HD, but now Capcom has revealed that those will not be the […]

Samurai Shodown V Special Will Arrive Tomorrow to PS4 and PS Vita and it Does With a New Trailer

In mid-July SNK and Sony announced that sometime this summer PS4 and PS Vita would release a version of ‘Samurai Shodown V Special’ that will have some important developments unlike the original that was published in NeoGeo at the time, like the solution of some important errors or the elimination of the censorship that was […]

The Classic Blue’s Journey Will Be The Next NeoGeo Game to Reach The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is being filled more and more of more games of the catalog of NeoGeo, between which one can find today some truly indispensable. To all of them will join in a few days one that triumphed in the recreational machines more than 25 years ago. We talk about the mythical ‘Blue’s Journey’, a […]

This is the Supa RetroN HD: Hyperkin, Will Compete Against the SNES Mini

Long before the fever of the Mini NES or the future Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Nintendo Classic Mini (SNES Mini for friends), we had third party consoles that allowed us to enjoy the classics of our childhood, both using the original cartridges themselves, Or emulators. The Hyperkin house is one of the best known thanks […]