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The Demo of Sonic 2 HD in Front of the MegaDrive Classic

The first time we talked about ‘Sonic 2 HD’ at Gamer Insiders was almost 10 years ago: despite SEGA’s constant re-editing of its MegaDrive classics, a group of fans dared to reimagine the classic in high definition: new sprites, more animations, scenarios much more elaborate and totally faithful to the originals … The best game […]

SEGA Drops The Bomb! SEGA Forever for Mobile Games TOTALLY FREE

SEGA’s playable legacy is extraordinary: the Blue hedgehog company dominated the recreation rooms and took its key licenses to Master System or that revolutionary DreamCast, and it is impossible to understand the current industry without reference to its catalog of MegaDrive games. And with ‘SEGA Forever’ we can enjoy the best of the legendary company […]