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Square Enix Explains Why Secret of Mana Remake is not Planned for Nintendo Switch

When Square Enix announced the development of ‘Secret of Mana Remake‘ announced that it would only come to PlayStation 4, PS Vita and Steam, but why a title that was born in Super Nintendo, is present in ‘Seiken Desentsu Collection’ and in the SNES Mini, will not reach the Nintendo Switch? Its producer, Masaru Oyamada, […]

Square Enix to publish Grimms Notes on Western Mobile Devices

Square Enix wants to continue expanding its market in mobile devices and that is why it has announced the launch of ‘Grimms Notes’ in the West, its successful role-playing game that was published in January last year in Japan, where it has been downloaded more than 15 millions of times. The title reviews the different […]

Kingdom Hearts III Definitely Sets its Launch For 2018 Featuring a Gameplay of Toy Story

It has suffered delays, doubts about whether it would arrive this year, the next or later, but finally Square Enix has been able to provide an approximate date for the release of ‘Kingdom Hearts III’ and has assured that it will arrive once and for all at some point 2018, failing to confirm the exact […]