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The remake of Shadow of the Colossus for PlayStation 4 is Seen in a New Trailer [TGS 2017]

In the Sony conference of E3 2017 one of the announcements that occurred was the remake of ‘Shadow of the Colossus’ for PlayStation 4, which was great news for all fans of Fuji Ueda video games and did not have opportunity to play it at the time on PS2 or PS3 or simply want to […]

Final Fantasy IX Remaster: Nine Reasons to Celebrate The Release and Dream Of The Remake

Nostalgia, that huge titan that will haunt us all our lives, has taken over our portfolio in the last years of the training industry. Whether it’s called SNES Mini, Remake HD, unnecessary sequel or Exclusive Refrito, the truth is that big companies have found a goldmine in that of reselling old proposals. It comes cheap […]

The conflict between humans and androids in the new Detroit trailer: Become Human [TGS 2017]

The Sony Conference of the Tokyo Game Show 2017 has served to re-see some of the video games we already knew were in development for PlayStation 4 and one of them is ‘Detroit: Become Human’, the new Quantic Dream, the creators of ‘Heavy Rain’ or ‘Beyond: Two Souls’. The trailer is in Japanese, but at […]

Konami Bets Strong on Virtual Reality with Zone of the Enders: The 2nd MARS Runner [TGS 2017]

The last time we talked about a new ‘Zone of the Enders’ was in the distant 2013, confirming that the remastered compilation for PS3 was preceded by a supposed continuation of the saga. Since then, Konami has limited their launch and Kojima’s departure also did not make clear the announcement of ‘Z.O.E’ … so far. […]