Announced Vader Immortal, a new Star Wars video game for virtual reality divided into episodes

In the last hours Oculus has made the Oculus Connect event, where it has announced the new Oculus Quest, the new type of virtual reality glasses that it will put on sale and that will not need the use of a computer or a mobile device to use them. To celebrate this moment, he has presented a new video game for this type of device and it will be ‘Vader Immortal’.

The game will be the first episode of a series consisting of three chapters that will be published throughout the coming year and will be set in the universe of ‘Star Wars’. As its name suggests, Darth Vader will be one of the main characters of this experience that will take us through some of the most recognized places in the series.

Among the areas that we will visit will be Mustafar, the volcanic planet of ‘Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith’. In addition, the game promises to present a canon story that has never been told before and that will run between the third and fourth episode of the saga created by George Lucas.

Right at the end of his presentation video we can appreciate what it looks like to be a battle with lightsabers, which will result in the experience being more immersive to feel that we are handling one of these truth swords. In the absence of knowing more information about it, we leave you with your first trailer.

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