The July Xbox Gold Games include Runbow and Grow Up

Microsoft has announced the Games with Gold of the month of July, which will cover us with its warm mantle this same Saturday.

The Grow Home sequel made less noise than the original, perhaps because they look enough so that the unique contributions of the second part shine with their own light; In any case, it is still a curious experience that probably catches by surprise to those who do not know what this particular proposal of Ubisoft. It can be downloaded throughout the month of July.

That same day will be available for Xbox 360 (and One, via backward compatibility) Kane & Lynch 2, another sequel, more interesting, of a game of the newly independent IO Interactive. This can be downloaded until July 15, and is a test of how to take certain risks can assure you a place in the memory of people: aesthetic and narratively is breakthrough, and the few hours that lasts are those that are not forgotten easily.

From July 16, until August 15, adds to the list Runbow, for Xbox One, a fresh multiplayer platforms in which the colors of the stage mutate and leave in sight, or cover, different platforms and obstacles . It seems simpler than it is when the screen is full of characters running, skipping and, in general, clogging up bad thing.

The last fortnight of July, until the 31st, completes the LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The video game, also for 360 although compatible with One. Surely it can be dedicated a couple of hours, if it were third; I will not be the one to do it, but there is who wants it.

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