Now You Can Create Tournaments From Xbox One, Stream it in Multi Window or Have a Gamerpic

The next update of the Xbox One may not be especially revolutionary, but it comes just in time for fans to take advantage of extra games after their Summer Sale, issue an epic adventure from various points of view through Mixer and even have A slightly more personalized game environment.

Starting today, and after its passage through the testing phase by the insiders, Microsoft has begun to offer new features and possibilities for the system of its family of consoles and even updates the app for mobile devices, and-as is Tradition- in VidaExtra we detail the five most interesting novelties

Now the Gamerpic you like

No more pre-set images: now we can upload the photo that we want (Gamerpic) to use in your Xbox profile from the console itself, a Windows 10 computer or a smartphone. Of course, before putting a damn, do not forget to take a look at Microsoft’s code of conduct.

Simultaneously retransmits in multi window via Mixer

That playing with four others and only seeing one’s game is a thing of the past: now we can travel to the dark area or ‘The Division’ or fight in ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ and our viewers follow what we do And three other users through a system of multiventanas in the same emission thanks to Mixer.

In fact, the process for doing so is tremendously simple: it will be enough to invite other users to the streaming set by entering your profile and sending you an invitation, joining the moment. No more asking who had killed her in ‘Ghost Recon Wildlands’.

Many accounts on your console? Associate your controler with your account

Sometimes it happens, Xbox gives many facilities to share a console or several with multiple users, and at the end having to start the profile is slightly cumbersome. Now it will be enough that we are clear which is our favorite command and we left pressed his Xbox button a few seconds so that the console recognizes quickly who wants to enter the game. Simple and effective.

Do you have Killer Instinct? It’s time to get into the Xbox Arena

It has taken longer than anticipated, but eventually the user-generated tournaments from Xbox come to ‘Killer Instinct’. We can organize competitions in a simple way with other users: we go to the club where we want to make the call, we give to Create Tournament and we put a cool name, we adjust the rules, we choose the key hours and ready.

At the moment it is only possible to create ‘Killer Instinct’ tournaments, although this functionality will start to receive new games gradually.

Whether we are iOS or Android users, the Xbox app is updated with interesting news: on the one hand we will have a search for easier groups and the possibility of sharing their content, but also classify the catalog of games of Xbox Game Pass , And even a new feature (currently only for Android) chat message bubbles.

In general small big news that arrives just in time so that we take advantage of it in vacations putting us a photo in which we leave moderately favored or making the emissions more locuelas in group. And if you’re like me and you have several controls at home, you’re going to save yourself more than one step when it comes to throwing you a classic ‘FIFA’ couch.

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