Presented the New Xbox Avatars on the E3

Although they were not able to make room at the Microsoft conference, the new Xbox Live Avatars showed up during E3 last week. You can see them in the video bellow, they explain four things about these virtual representations.

Avatars 2.0 pretend to be more diverse and inclusive, so that digital clothing no longer makes gender distinction. It will also be possible to create girls and boys with prostheses or in wheelchairs, as was said almost a year ago. Fortunately, the final appearance of these puppets has been much more sympathetic than it seemed then; More expressive and detailed, look just like a version for the new generation of what we had on Xbox 360.

We also know that they are made with Unity and that all of this is handled by a Microsoft team in Redmond, which is no longer a Rare thing.

The new Avatars will be available for Windows 10 this fall and later will make the leap to the “Xbox family.”

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