PUBG adds and continues: just over three million copies on Xbox One in just one month

‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ (PUBG for friends) continues to break records at an unstoppable pace. If a few days ago Brendan Greene’s team announced that they had started 2018 with more than 18.5 million concurrent users on Steam, now it’s time to announce, as reported from Xbox Wire, that they have exceeded three million copies on Xbox One.

This becomes more important knowing that an exact month since debuted on that console, so the pace that reminds us of Steam.

It is true that many of these copies will come from the Christmas pack Xbox One X had with the ‘PUBG’ gift code for a limited time, but it does not mean that they are figures that take away the hiccups, especially considering that this version is much more precarious than PC, where he left the state of Early Access on December 21, and many things to polish.

What is certain is that, as it happened in 2017, 2018 it seems that it will be again the year of ‘PUBG’. We only hope that Microsoft and PUBG Corporation do not take long to introduce all the news seen on Steam in the version for Xbox One. And sure that from there sales will skyrocket if possible.

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