ReCore: Definitive Edition officially confirmed and will arrive in late August

Sunday will host the Microsoft Conference of the Gamescom 2017, but little by little they are advancing all the ads we presumably see in a couple of days. While this afternoon confirmed that ‘Rise of Nations’ would reach Windows 10, it has now been revealed that ‘ReCore: Definitive Edition’ will eventually go on sale and will do so on August 29.

The most complete edition of the title developed by Comcept has been one of the most rumored rumors of recent days and it has been thanks to the Microsoft store that has been made known its existence. In fact, you can already buy pre-buy for $ 19.99.

This more complete version of ‘ReCore’ will include all the original content along with a new adventure called ‘Eye of Obsidian’. Next to this we will also see the nuclebot T8-NK, which was completely eliminated from the original game.

Also, as you can see in the cover of this edition, and you have located below, will have HDR support and will take advantage of the power of Xbox One X to show a top graphic section. Will more details be released at Sunday’s conference?

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