War Shadows Shows Mordor’s Most Abominable Creatures in their latest trailer [GC 2017]

Mordor is an unfriendly place, and the beings and beasts that inhabit the darker region of Middle-earth do not help to encourage tourism. However, taming the creatures of Tolkien’s bestiary will be essential if we are to have a chance at conquering the lands of the Dark Lord Sauron in ‘Shadows of War’

The sequel to ‘Shadows of Mordor’ has offered a new trailer during the Microsoft event at Gamescom 2017 in which we will see the fauna that lives in Mordor: we will see how Talion and Celebrimbor face a colossal Balrog on the back of one of the Winged beasts, but also as it harnesses the strength and abilities of other creatures to their advantage.

One of the best trailers to illustrate both the visual section of ‘War Shadows’ as his playable proposal and the enormous mime that Monolith is putting in to recreate a universe faithful to the seen in the films of Peter Jackson, although with certain licenses.

In addition, it has taken advantage of the conference to announce that Microsoft will offer in October two packs of Xbox One S (whose difference will be its hard disk of 1Tb or 500GB) with a copy of ‘Shadows of War’ included plus a month of access to Xbox Game Pass and 14 days of Xbox Live Gold.

Talion and Celebrimbor will bet on overthrowing Sauron with their own Ring of Power in ‘Middle Earth: War Shadows’, Warner’s next big bet to be available from October 10 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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