Xbox One Shows its Next Interface: More Dynamic, Simpler and Customizable

Long gone are those times when it was enough to insert the game on the console and give the power button: the interfaces are gaining more and more protagonism in the face of the game experience and Microsoft continues to polish that of its console. The objective? Offer the perfect distribution, and you have to admit that those of Redmond go in the right direction.

Larry Hyrb and Mike Ibarra have shown the next interface of the Xbox One systems, one that possibly arrives with little margin with respect to Xbox One X, and it must be admitted that, although it is a version in phase of test, it is noticed that Have taken note of feedback from users.

The first thing to keep in mind is that this interface inherits the customization of the gamerpic that is already available and completely clears the screen to focus on the upper zone (where the current game predominates along with some suggestions and notifications) Lower area dedicated to shortcuts to games.

In this way, and although it is possible to access vertical and horizontal the rest of the console’s features, being able to choose the vertical contents, the protagonism will fall completely in the menu of the console guide. Of course, neither will be more recharged nor lose fluency when appearing when we press the Xbox button on the remote.

From the guide we will be able to access all the contents in very few steps through the triggers and the distribution of the accesses. On the one hand will show the recent programs as before, being able to go to our games, the store or the contents that we have pinned in two simple movements.

Of course, with the triggers we can access the other functions of the console such as messaging, screenshots and retransmissions, contacts, and even the settings menu. In fact, the interesting thing is that this option is much more visual and simple than the current and programs like Mixer are already fully integrated into it.

Games and applications will no longer be in a poorly visible box in the upper right and will reclaim your space in the main interface as well as in the guide. From there we will continue to manage the apps, subscriptions, purchased and uninstalled items and even updates and download queue as before.

Now, the interesting thing is that you will not have to spend much time in the library of games with the new distribution: those games and content that we want to have more at hand will appear at the beginning or when you press the Xbox button, being able to customize its location in the next interface .

We can take the apps and games to the main screen like so far, but we can also take the games, programs or content downloaded directly to the guide, something that will suit the titles we have acquired in digital format.

Let’s talk about social functions

Microsoft is joining its community of players through the mobile app and Windows 10, and – of course – will bet very strongly to simplify the communication and management of our contacts and to be able to generate, discover and value own content and the rest Of users.

At the outset, getting in touch with other contacts has been greatly accelerated: we can do it from the game’s own guide and from there send messages, invite them to play, promote them to have them more on hand and even silence (or report). Of course, we will also be able to access your profile directly and see what news you have posted.

And speaking of publications, the section of the community has also been adjusted so that the contents that we or our contacts generate are more participatory. It is not that I will compete with Facebook, but giving away likes and comments will be even easier even with strangers.

Like now we can see the trends and see the activities of the clubs, but now we can establish filters at all times to focus on what our friendships, focus on content related solely to games or review current trends.

It is expected that this new interface will arrive with the next update of the console, although the insiders of the program of tests are already beginning to receive it so that its launching is a success. This is unlikely to be the final version, but we are sure that will suit both Xbox users and those who are going to make the leap to Microsoft’s Xbox One X deserts.

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